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Women either got gassed in the chambers or brought bodies out of the gas chambers. ___ Work done by women in concentration camps included: * Quarrying * Work in German armaments factories * Chemicals

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What did Hitler do to the women jews?

no difference work camps concentration camps Endlösung

What kind of work did they do in the work camps?

the kind of work that eperanza did piking up grapes and packing them

What did a women do in concentration camps?

same as a man did: work and die.

Why did Hitler made camps for Jews?

to have them incinerated and to have them work the women and children were killed and the men were put to work.

What types of work did people do in mining camps?

What the people did in the minning camps was, Gather to collect gold, and as for the women and children, they cooked and ect.

What did women and children do in concentration camps?

It all depended on what type of concentration camp they were assigned to. Some were work camps, so both the women and children would have been forced to work very long hours, with harsh treatment. However, some of these camps were death camps, which meant if a woman or child was sent there, they would be killed.

What kind of work were the people forced to do in nazi camps?

Work for the armaments industryQuarryingMining

What happened to the women and children in the concentration camps?

The women and children were either killed like the rest or put to work like the men.

What did the children do for work in the camps?

Children did not work in the camps.

Were concentration camps only for women?

No. In fact, in the early stages there were comparatively few women in concentration camps.

What kind of camps did Hitler?

labor and concentration camps

How many camps are there?

You need to specify the kind of camps: Boy Scout camps, summer camps, military training camps, concentration camps.

Why did the holocaust have concentration camps?

to make the Jewish men women and children do work and it was just to hurt them so sad

What jobs did women pursue in mining camps during the gold rush?

Women had very little to choose from as far as work. They could work in the laundry, cook, sew, and become a prostitute. In the gold camps they were mainly prostitutes. When families came with children later in the gold rush they could teach.

What were the first seven major camps?

Concentration camps , transit camps , forced labour camps (aka) "work camps" , and death camps.

What did they do to the women when they came to the concentration camps?

they made all women work if they obey a law their hand would cut off or if their body could not work anymore they will be chosen that mean they going to put her in the oven and burn them

What kind of work did they women and men?

men sit on the couch with their beer bellies and women go to work to save money for the family

How many work camps were there in the holocaust?

There were about 20 Concentration Camps, but there were many sub-camps.

What kind of work did women find during the war?

women were mianly nurses during the wars.

What was the concervation camps?

The oncervation camps were places Hitlerr sent the Jews after they were caught. there were work camps and death camps.

What is the nazi camps where inmates were forced to work?

Inmates were forced to work in all of the concentration camps.

What happened to the women during the Holocaust?

Women and men were separated when they first arrived at the concentration camps. If children were old enough to work, they often were allowed to stay with a parent and were forced to work. If they were too young to work, they were often sent to be gassed. Women, if found strong or suitable enough, were often sent to work in factories. Older women that were not seen as physically capable for doing work were gassed.

What kind of punishment did homosexuals have during the holocaust?

They were forced into labor camps like slaves, and given back-breaking work. Many died.They were forced into labor camps like slaves, and given back-breaking work. Many died.

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