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Most likely this is a house bug or centipede. They dont bite, they are just annoying! If it doesnt have spikey things sticking up and lots of legs and can move really fast its not this and its probley just some kind of worm.

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What kind of worm is about 1 inch long brown and black no legs and curls up when touched?

wolly worm

What is an inch worm?

it is an worm that is one inch. an inch worm can be a neon green or brown. An inch worm is really small and has alot of legs

What kind of worm is white about a half inch long and very skinny?

tape worm

How long is a inch worm?

A inch

What an be an inch long?

a inch worm

What kind of worm or something come out of your dogs eyebrow it is brown and about a quarter inch long kind of like a skin tag?

i forgot what its called but its dangerous so go to vet immediately

What kind of worm could it be if it was grayish-brown in color and looked much like a bag worm but with a flat bag and only have 3-4mm coming out of the bag that is 5-6mm long crawling like inch worm?

a pompeii worm

How long is an inch worm?

1 inch.

Why do you call a inch worm an inch worm?

You call an inch worm an inch worm because when it crawls it only extends an inch. The body length of an inch worm is an inch. That is why is it called an inch worm.

Is there a name for a 4 inch brown worm that looks like a piece of wood?

Wood Worm. :D

What kind of worm is long and thin dark brown with a black head?

This may be an earthworm that is called the black-headed worm. It is a burrowing worm that has the scientific name of Aporrectodea longa.

What kind of worm is brown no legs and curls up when touched?

earth worm

Why is an inch worm called that name?

because it is only a inch long

What type of worm is blackish gray and about 1 inch long?

Canker worm

Can you tell me what kind of worm is gray with a black head and about one inch in length?

Canker worm

Is an inch worm a caterpillar?

Yes, I think because the inch worm changes into a moth. I am not sure what kind of moth it changes into but all I know that they change into a moth.

How long is the ribbon worm?

1 inch to 85 feet

What animal is about 1 inch long at birth?

a worm is about that much

What is a 12 inch long segmented worm in humans?


How long does it take for an inch worm to turn into moths?

about 60 years

What kind of dances were big in 1940?

the charlie brown,chicken , the worm and the disco

What worm infects plants?

inch worm

How small can a tapeworm be?

the tape worm can be as long as 2fett and as short as 1 inch

How long does a inch worm live?

The name inch worm is a term given to many different types of small caterpillars. If all goes well, these worms go on to become butterflies and moths before they die. The whole life cycle for the average inch worm takes about a year.

What is the name for inch worm in Spanish?

The right way to say inch worm in Spanish is, oruga