What kind of yogurt can prevent a yeast infection?

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Well There aren't really any yogurts that can prevent them, but ones that do help are yogurts that have the probiotic bacteria, such as Activia, or the Danactive ones. The probiotic bacteria help keep everything regulated down there, so by eating about a cup of that along with usually 2-4 acidophilus capsules a day, you should be good!
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How will yogurt help with a yeast infection?

There is a continual balancing act going on in your body amongstvarious micro-organisms, among them bacteria and yeasts. A yeastinfection or overgrowth can occur when the bacteria which helpcontrol it get depleted for some reason, such as taking anantibiotic. The bacteria in the yogurt help to reple ( Full Answer )

If you have a yeast infection could this prevent you from getting pregnant?

Answer . No in fact yeast infections can be a sign that you are pregnant because the surge of hormones that are going through your body and all the changes your body is going through during pregnancy...talk to your doctor if your concerned about anything and are pregnant or trying to conceive ho ( Full Answer )

What is a yeast infection?

\nYeast infections are caused by an overgrowth of a yeast-like fungus that usually lives harmless in your body already--whether you're sexually active or not. It's only when those populations grow out of control that you get an infection.\n. \nCertain medications (especially antibiotics), obesity, ( Full Answer )

How do you get a yeast infection?

A vaginal yeast infection can be caused by many things, includingtight jeans or other non-breathable clothing and underwear becausethese conditions create a warm moist environment that the yeastthrive in. In general, a yeast infection occurs when your system isout of balance and it can be easily cur ( Full Answer )

Does yogurt help a yeast infection?

No that's a old wifes tale. It was probably recommended once since a yeast infection can itch and burn and cold yogurt would calm the skin. So you can use it for that. It usually clears itself in 2 weeks but if not there is medication over the counter. If that does not help you have to see a doctor. ( Full Answer )

How you can get yeast infection?

It depends with individuals; it could be from sex, perfumed soaps/shower gel, tight inner clothing such as thongs, wetness caused by discharge or urine drops, flavored condoms and the list goes on.

What kind of yeast infection could it be?

It depends which part of the body you are talking about for you can have a yeast infection: In your vagina, in your mouth; under your tongue, on your tongue, between your gums and cheeks, on your fingers and toes.

Why do you get yeast infections?

you can get it from, High sugar diets, stress, lack of sleep, diabeaties, weakend immune system some other diseases can cause it, It can sometimes be an early sign to pregnancy, HIV.

How did i get a yeast infection?

Overgrowth ofyeast can result from: Antibiotic use,which leads to a decrease in the amount of lactobacillus bacteriain your vagina & a change in your vaginal pH that allows yeastto overgrow Pregnancy Uncontrolleddiabetes Impaired immunesystem Anything thatchanges the type & amount of bacteria ( Full Answer )

How can you get a yeast infection?

Candida albicans are present in vagina of healthy female. When there is increased in number of fungus leads to vaginal yeast infection. Although yeast infection is not included in STD (Sexually Transmitted Disease), Sex with infected person can transmit this disease. This organism is present in vag ( Full Answer )

Why get a yeast infection?

Many people get yeast infections because they aren't clean , or because they don't let their vaginas breath . This can be from wearing really tight clothing around you vagina area and sweating and not taking the time to get some air and clean yourself. As women we really need to take the time to cle ( Full Answer )

How can you get an yeast infection?

There are several ways of getting a yeast infection.It can be bydirect contact with someone who has it,it can be as a result oftaking antibiotics,it can be as a result ofpregnancy,diabetics,some oral contraceptives.Also if one wasimmunosupressed or taking steroids it can happen. http://whatcuresyeas ( Full Answer )

How do you get yeast infection?

When you take antibiotics, they kill all of the bacteria in your body. There are good bacteria living in your vagina. These bacteria in your vagina live off the yeast there, keeping it under control. When you kill all the good bacteria, the yeast will overproduce and cause a yeast infection. Sometim ( Full Answer )

How can you get a yeast infections?

You can get a yeast infection in a number of different ways. Taking antibiotics, drinking excessive amounts of alcohol, sugar, poor diet, stress, wearing wet or tight under garments for a long period of time, through sexual intercourse, during pregnancy, and also during your period. Basically, whate ( Full Answer )

How do you prevent yeast infection?

Yeast infections can be caused by not changing underwear, tampons, or pads, so always make sure to change them regularly. Another way to prevent yeast infections, this method is sort of controversial, is to eat yogurt regularly, there is limited research that yogurt prevents yeast infections, but it ( Full Answer )

What do you do when you have a yeast infection?

To cure a yeast infection, there is a cream that is found in any grocery store or drug store. You inject it deep into your vagina, and it comes in a range of 1 day to 10 days. But you need to be careful and make sure you put it in every single day! Because if you skip a day or two you are running th ( Full Answer )

What kind of yogurt helps yeast infections?

Pro-biotic unsweetened yoghurt helps yeast infections - it's theLactobacillus Acidophilus that helps, this bacteria is foundnaturally in the vagina and produces hydrogen peroxide to killyeast. You can eat it to improve overall healthy flora in yourbody, or you can insert plain yoghurt vaginally.

If its not a yeast infection what can it be?

It could be bacterial vaginosis or a trich infection. Both of these are sexually transmitted but they aren't as serious as chlamydia or gonnorea. If you have protected sex and you get something other than a yeast infection, it's usually bv and you should go to the doctor and get medicine for it.

How does yogurt help a yeast infection?

Although there is limited research, some studies show that yogurt containing lacto bacillus acidophillus can help prevent, and combat yeast infections. Not all yogurts contain Lactobacillus Acidophillus, which is one of the reasons why many people explain the yogurt yeast infection theory as a myth. ( Full Answer )

What kind of treatment is there for a yeast infection?

Yeast infections can be treated with fluconazole. To enhancehealing you should know what triggers your yeast infection and tryavoiding them. For example, most women got their yeast infectionsfrom poor hygiene. To prevent reoccurence, try improving yourhygiene and take medications such as fluconazole ( Full Answer )

Can you have a yeast infection in your but?

Yes you can get a yeast infection in or around your anus area. Yeast doesn't only pertain to the vagina as many may think, it is fungal infection that can appear on any part of the part, what makes them different is the names give to them.

Can yogurt cause a yeast infection?

No. The live cultures and healthy bacteria in yogurt will actually help prevent a yeast infection. It has been used to treat women with mild, recurrent yeast infections when eating it daily.

Does yogurt prevent yeast infections?

depends. If the yogurt is sugar free, then no. If it's one of those really sugary ones, then yes. because sugar is what infects yeast.

Will giving a pug yogurt help with a yeast ear infection?

If your pug has a yeast ear infection you need to take it to the vet for antibiotics and medicated ear drops. It is sometimes recommended as an additional home remedy for human babies with thrush in their mouths, but I would not suggest this at all for pugs. You need to take your pug to the doctor! ( Full Answer )

Can yogurt cure yeast infections?

Yogurt is a great way to cure yeast infection. a great place to learn more would be yeast infection away. Source: http://yeastinfectionaway.info

What can you do for a yeast infection?

You can buy an over-the-counter medicationlike MONISTAT® or you can just go to the doctor & get aprescription. If you prefer something more natural/home remedy, youcan drink sugar free or unsweetened cranberry juice or use plainyogurt..

Where do you get yeast infections?

You can get yeast infections in any part of your body. Mostcommonly in women yeast infections occur in the vagina and vulva.

Can you prevent a yeast infection?

Yes. Yeast infections can be caused if you keep your underwear on to long without changing it, or if you don't change you pads/tampons often enough. To prevent a yeast infection. Remember to change your underwear at least every day, and change your pads/tampons every 2-6 hrs. Signs of a yeast infect ( Full Answer )

Will yogurt cure a yeast infection if taking Amoxicillin?

No, eating yogurt while taking Amoxicillin might actually help prevent getting a yeast infection since the Amoxicillin is killing all the bacteria in your digestive tract including the good bacteria. Yogurt adds more good bacteria to your digestive tract.

Does yogurt help with yeast infections?

No that is a myth. It can feel good because it's cold but it wontcure it. Yeast infections usually goes away by itself but there'salso meds so look at the pharmacy. You can take fuyan pill toeliminate the inflammation and kill bacteria.

How does she get a yeast infection?

Short answer: poor nutrition and/or hygiene, often compounded by tight fitting clothing. Longer answer: A vaginal yeast infection can be caused by many things. The bottom line, it is bacteria growth. Under normal healthy conditions good bacteria kill the bad bacteria and there is no infectio ( Full Answer )

Can yogurt give you a yeast infection?

No, yoghurt cannot give you a yeast infection - at least not unlessyou put yoghurt sweetened with sugar into your vagina. Yoghurt canhelp prevent and treat yeast infections, the bacteria found inprobiotic yoghurt is the same found in healthy vaginas so eating itcan help maintain healthy bacteria wit ( Full Answer )

What kind of yogurt is best use for yeast infection?

Yoghurt doesn't cure yeast infection but you can put it on to make the itch more bearable. in that case use natural yoghurt without any flavor or sugar added. Then I suggest you go to the pharmacy and get medicine that cure it. Yoghurt remedy is a myth.

Is there a particular yogurt to help prevent yeast infections?

Yes, you want to be looking for pro-biotic yoghurt - watch out forsugar content if you're prone to yeast infections as yeast lovesugars, hint: often it's the low-fat versions that have more sugar. It's the Lactobacillus Acidophilus you want from the yoghurt, thisis similar to the 'good' bacteria yo ( Full Answer )

What kind of STD is like a yeast infection?

Any STD that causes vaginal irritation or itching may be mistaken by a patient for a yeast infection. These STDs may include trichomoniasis or herpes.

What yogurt do you insert in your vagina for cure for a yeast infection?

You would insert plain unsweetened pro-biotic yoghurt - it has tobe pro-biotic, those bacteria are the same as found in healthyvaginas and it is these that help fight the yeast. It helps tofreeze the yoghurt in ice-cube trays for easy insertion (althoughit can be a little uncomfortable to insert), i ( Full Answer )

Is this a Yeast Infection?

You do not describe it.How do i know? While i can tell you pathogens such as chlamydia and mycoplasma can be killed by this TCM-diuretic anti-inflammatory pill.

How much yogurt a day can help with yeast infection?

About .5 to 1 pound of yogurt should be eaten evey two days to help a yeast infection. this has happened to my cousin before note: if infection may starts to get worst then cut down to .25 of a pound every two days but keep eatin it if will deffinally hep! GOOD LUCK:)

Is yogurt good for a yeast infection?

You can obtain the cure for a yeast infection over the counter or by prescription. Still, you can be re-infected by your partner or by not killing the germs when you wash your underwear. Eating yogurt may help re-establish enzymes, but would do not be a particular cure for the infection.

Can yeast infections prevent regular periods?

No, you will continue to get your normal period at the regular time it happens. However, it will be slightly more painful around the yeast infection, but make sure you wash it and keep it clean at all times. If it gets any worse though, see a specialist.

How can one prevent yeast infections?

There is no fool proof method to completely prevent yeast infections for women. There are however two ways to lower the risk or contracting one. One, wear cotton underwear, which keeps the groin area drier than other types. Also, avoiding feminine sprays or douches also help as those products change ( Full Answer )

What did you do if you have yeast infection?

A yeast infection causes itching or soreness in the vagina andsometimes causes pain or burning when you urinate or have sex. Somewomen also have a thick, clumpy, white discharge that has no odorand looks a little like cottage cheese. A vaginal yeast infection is caused by an overgrowth of yeastorgan ( Full Answer )