What kind of yogurt doesn't have fruit pieces?

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In Yogurt
Any kind of plain yogurt, vanilla yogurt, also, some brands have lemon and chocolate varieties that have no fruit 'chunks'. Make your own by starting with plain and adding sugar, cinnamon, or anything else you desire! Any kind of plain yogurt, vanilla yogurt, also, some brands have lemon and chocolate varieties that have no fruit 'chunks'. Make your own by starting with plain and adding sugar, cinnamon, or anything else you desire!
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Can you lose weight by eating nothing but yogurt and fruit and exercising?

Moving the fat and flab that has been there for a while is very hard. You need to burn it off - ie exercise more than your daily calorie intake. Therefore if you are eating a lot of yogurt and fruit, your calorie intake is still high and you are not burning off anything. You need to limit the amount ( Full Answer )

What kind of fruits are in the Fruit of the Loom commercials?

The human characters in the Fruit of the Loom commercials are the Apple, the Purple Grape, the Green Grape, and the Leaf. The classic "Fruit of the Loom" cornucopia (horn of plenty) includes an apple, purple grapes, green grapes, currants and leaves.

What are the kinds of Fruits?

Well, there are all kinds of food there like: grapes, apples, oranges, pineapples, paw paw, cherries, blueberries, strawberries, pears, tangerine, watermelon. Thanks for the wonderful question. Ask another question @ www.answers.com Bye!. Answers . Don't forget cantaloupe, pumkins, rasber ( Full Answer )

What kind of fruit do fruit bats eat?

It varies with the bat's native habitat. Their teeth are adapted to feed on a wide variety of fruits or flower nectar.

What kind of fruit is Ximenia fruit?

The Ximenia is a type of flowering plant from the Olacaceae family.Named for the Spanish Priest Francisco Ximenez, the Ximenia issometimes called a "sourplum."

Is natural yogurt with fresh fruit healthy?

Yes, fresh fruit is generally very good for you and so is yoghurt (though not too much of the latter).. Natural yoghurt is better than standard yoghurt, and 'live' yoghurt is better than natural (though you can get live and natural, which is even better).

Which is healthier natural youghurt or fruit yogurt?

Natural yogurt is definitely healthier than fruit yogurt. Fruityogurt contains double the amount of calories that are in naturalyogurt. Natural yogurt contains more calcium than any other type ofyogurt.

What kind of yogurt helps yeast infections?

Pro-biotic unsweetened yoghurt helps yeast infections - it's theLactobacillus Acidophilus that helps, this bacteria is foundnaturally in the vagina and produces hydrogen peroxide to killyeast. You can eat it to improve overall healthy flora in yourbody, or you can insert plain yoghurt vaginally.

How many calories in a fruit n yogurt from McDonald's?

well I don't know exactly, but I remember sitting in Mcdonalds reading the calorie information they give you about their food, and there was more calories in the fruit n yogurt than in a chocolate sunday!

What kind of fruit was the fruit in the Garden of Eden?

In the book of Genesis, Adam and Eve are told to not of the fruitof a tree in the center of the garden. The fruit is not identifiedby name but it is supposed to impart the knowledge of good andevil.

How many calories in a yogurt fruit and granola parfait?

it all depends on the size of the parfait, the kind of yogurt (low fat, fatfree, whole milk, greek, etc) what kind of fruit and what kind of granola. Fat and Calories in Granola alone varies widely.

Why is the fruit always at the bottom of the yogurt tub?

It's called gravity. Fruit tends to be heavier than yogurt, sothe fruit sinks to the bottom of the container. Also, some brandsput the fruit at the bottom on purpose. ****** . Adding Yogurt to the cups is a multi-step process. According tothe Dannon website, with their fruit-on-the-bottom yogurts, ( Full Answer )

What are the words to the muller fruit corner yogurt advert?

got ma cheery, got ma berry. got ma biscuit, got ma crunch. got ma peaches got ma shortcake got ma blueberries!. with creamy yoghurt!. got ma banana got ma got ma toffee. got ma vanilla got ma hoops. got ma cherries. i live the life, of creamy yoghurt. love love love the creamy yoghurt. lov ( Full Answer )

What kind of yogurt do hamsters like?

You can give them yogurt chips for hamsters, and you can give them rabbit yogurt chips,. (there the same basic thing....)

What are the devil fruits from One Piece?

Bara Bara no Mi (バラバラの実) . Meaning : "Bara" refers to the sound a knife or other sharp object makes when it hits a cutting board, while "Barabara" means to disconnect. . English name : Chop Chop Fruit . Effect : Allows the user to split his or her body apart and c ( Full Answer )

What kind of organisms live in yogurt?

The term "live and active cultures" on a yogurt label refers to Lactobacillus bulgaricus and Streptococcus thermaophilus, living organisms used to ferment pasteurized milk into yogurt (some yogurts also contain Lactobacillus acidophilus, Bifidus and other cultures). These tiny critters break down mi ( Full Answer )

What kind of yogurt is made with beef gelatin?

The kind that will taste like beef, and should consequently not be used in yogurt. Why would you want to taint the delicious taste and healthiness of yogurt with beef gelatin?

What type of fruit doesn't have seeds?

seedless grapes, seedless oranges, anything that has the word seedless on it and bananas. By definition, a fruit, being the reproductive body of a plant, will have seeds. Domesticated bananas are bred to have very tiny seeds. Most seedless fruits have been developed by man to reduce or eliminate ( Full Answer )

Devil fruits in one piece anime?

You question is vague. If you're asking what are the devil fruits in one piece, then, it is the source of power of most of the characters. It is called a devil's fruit because once eaten, you will no longer be able to swim. The ocean is the kryptonite for Devil Fruit users. The main character, Monke ( Full Answer )

What different devils fruit are there in one piece?

There are many different devil fruits in One Piece, too many tolist. The fruits can be broken down into three groups. Logia-type Devil Fruits allow the eater to produce, and completelyturn into a raw element or substance. They are difficult to fightbecause of this, though the ability known as 'haki ( Full Answer )

If a banana doesn't have seeds how is it a fruit?

Bananas do have seeds, however bananas from your regular grocery store will have very small soft seeds that are somewhat hard to identify. Wild bananas on the other hand have large hard seeds.

What kind of yogurt can prevent a yeast infection?

Well There aren't really any yogurts that can prevent them, but ones that do help are yogurts that have the probiotic bacteria, such as Activia, or the Danactive ones. The probiotic bacteria help keep everything regulated down there, so by eating about a cup of that along with usually 2-4 acidophilu ( Full Answer )

What kind of bacteria is yogurt?

The kind of bacteria that are in yogurt are Lactobacillus bulgaricus and Streptoccus thermophilus . These bacteria are needed for the fermentation of milk to produce the product yogurt.

What kind of fruit do you use in your fruit salad?

in my old school there was a salad competition so i made a fruit salad first i take a melon and open it with a star on the top,i empty the inside second i chop of a bunch of fruits and put it inside the melon third i take a toothpick and stick small chunks of fruits and put it through the toot ( Full Answer )

Is it good to eat fruit with yogurt?

Eating fruit is healthy and eating yogurt is healthy so put them together and it is really healthy to eat fruit with yogurt.

Who made the devil fruits in one piece?

That has not yet been revealed to the readers, although the scientist Dr Vegapunk is said to know a lot about them. As revealed in the Punk Hazard arc, Vegapunk was able to create a Zoan which turned the boy Momonosuke into a dragon. It seems his research was continued by his assistant Caesar Clown, ( Full Answer )

Why doesn't baby yogurt need to be refrigerated?

It has been pasteurized and acidified which makes it shelf stable while the package is still sealed. It won't have the probiotic content that you associate with fresh yogurt.

What are all the devil fruits in one piece?

It has been suggested that Dr. Vegapunk knows what all the Devil Fruits are, but the list has not been revealed yet in the series. 54 Devil Fruits have been revealed in the series so far.

Why doesn't canned fruit spoil?

Decomposition is caused by bacteria. The process of canning involves heating the product to kill the bacteria and then sealing it up in a sterile state. Some bacteria, such as botulism, can grow without air so if the canning is not done properly the food can spoil, sometimes not in a way you would n ( Full Answer )

What kind of yogurts are good for you?

There is no way of knowing what yougharts are good for you because they have bacteria in them .But most often low fat ones are better for you

What is a fruit yogurt?

a fruit youget is a yoget but with sometimes choped fruit or samall fruit mushed i think thats right but if its not please give me feedback

What kind of bacteria does yogurt contain?

The bacteria in yogurt is called lactobacteria. Many people consider this to be a good kind of bacteria that aides in supporting healthy lifestyles in people.

What kind of fruit doesn't have seeds?

Blueberries do not have seeds. A seedless fruit is not at all unheard of, but it's not common. Most fruits, and even vegetables have seeds. Peaches don't have seeds, they have a pit.