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What kind running shoe is best for someone with a wide flat foot?

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Do not buy Nike shoes. My opinon would be to go with a Saucony or Asics shoe such as the Saucony trigon 5 guide or the Asics Gel-Kinsei.

2007-09-05 19:41:38
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Q: What kind running shoe is best for someone with a wide flat foot?
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Which kind of foot is better for adapting on running on flat ground?

leg that is not flat

Where is a good place to check out reviews and prices for flat soled running shoes ?

I found that the company Fleet Feet is the best place to find flat soled running shoes. They have experts who place you in the correct shoe for your foot.

Can someone with flat foot join the military?

Yes, I have been in the Marine Corps for 8 years now and I have flat feet

How do you measure a running foot?

A running foot is the same a a foot or a linear foot - a measure of 30.8 centimetres.A running foot is the same a a foot or a linear foot - a measure of 30.8 centimetres.A running foot is the same a a foot or a linear foot - a measure of 30.8 centimetres.A running foot is the same a a foot or a linear foot - a measure of 30.8 centimetres.

What brand has the best arch support running shoes? This site provides abundant information on foot type and what can strain muscles/joints/etc. It also suggests different types of shoes.

How do you calculate running feet?

A running foot is the same as the linear foot. You would calculate a running foot using a ruler or tape measure. Running foot is a term to distinguish it from a square foot.

When was Flat Foot Stooges created?

Flat Foot Stooges was created in 1938.

What are the best women running shoes?

The best women's running shoes for you will depend on your running style and the shape of your foot. You can use to help you select the best shoes for you.

What is the best treatment for running injury foot pain?

The best treatment is rehabilitation. Do not strain the foot whilst running, as it may aggravate the injury even more and cause issues with further exercise routines and comfort.

Is flat feet called pronated feet?

No, flat feet is not called pronated feet. Pronation is the inward roll of the foot when walking or running. Pronation is also sometimes called eversion.

Can you sue someone for running your foot over?

you should be able to if was on purpose or was it your fault because if so then you can not

Can you go into the army if you have a flat foot?

yes flat foot has nothing to do with not being able to fight!

Are the asic brand good running shoes for women?

The type of shoe which is best for you greatly varies on your type of foot, not your gender. Your problem may be that you need a stability foot support shoe which supports your foot if your foot does not pronate properly or you are suffering from flat feet to some degree. I would recommend not trying many different brands but finding shoes appropriate to your foot condition at the moment.

What can you do for your flat foot?

Castes do help for flat feet

Where can I get the best running shoes for men?

The best running shoes for men are at Finish Line or Foot Locker. Check out the Nike shoes and find one that fits your style. This will have you running in comfort for years to come.

Where can I find more information on best Saucony running shoes ?

The best Saucony running shoes depend on your running style and the shape of your foot. The Saucony PowerGrid Cortana have won many awards and might work for you.

What is the difference between running foot and square foot?

Running Foot (ft) is a measure of distance. Square Foot (ft²) is a measure of area.

What are comfortable shoes to get for someone with diabetic foot pain?

I think the best shoes to get for someone with diabetic foot is the one that comfort you the most. But you can buy a special diabetic shoe at Medicare or Foot Smart

Do running sneakers provide arch support?

Yes! running shoes are meant to support your foot in every way. Know if you have a high arch, normal arch, or flat foot and that will help you choose a shoe. If you need extra support though, always use an orthotic insert.

Is my running causing my foot tendonitis?

There are a number of potential causes for foot tendonitis. Running could cause it, especially if you're shoes fit poorly. Activity on steep hills or on uneven ground can also contribute to this issue. Having flat feet is another potential cause.

What is the best place to buy running shoes online?

The best websites for you to purchase running shoes would usually come from places such as Finish Line and Foot Locker as well as on

What are the best toed shoes?

I think the best toed shoes are any shoes exept for converse if you have a flat and thin foot those are the type you need but if your feet are fat and bumpy bad type of shoes if you have fat and bumpy feet get nike. So please don't ever get converse unless you have a flat and thin foot but even if you do have a flat and thin foot and you came to see me I wouldn't recomend those for you. YOU WILL GET BLISTERS THE SIZE OF A BLUEBERRY

Finding the Right Running Shoes For Your Feet?

Runners have great stamina and have worked out to be physically fit. The runner also needs to know how to find the right running shoes that are best for the feet.To find the best running shoes, it is necessary to determine the pronation of the runner's stride. This is the way the foot rolls from heel to toe. Another way is to know the foot type of the runner. The perfect test to determine this is to wet the bottom of each foot. Stand on a paper bag or some form of paper and outline the imprint of the foot. If the foot has a normal arch, stability running shoes are the best choice. These shoes will have a semi-curved shape. The feet that have a low arch, or flat feet, will perform the best with motion-control running shoes, and these running shoes have a straight shape. The foot with a high arch needs cushioned running shoes for the best performance and comfort. The shape of these shoes is curved.To find all of these different types of running shoes it is a smart idea to visit a local specialty running store. These stores will most likely have people who know what type of running shoes are the best for their customers. The best time to go shopping is late in the afternoon because the feet at at their largest at this time. By also bringing along the old running shoes the salesperson will be able to help determine which type of gait and arch you have by seeing the wear and tear of these shoes.Be sure to wear the socks that are normally worn while running. This will be the best way to determine the proper fit of the new running shoes. They should still measure each foot because most people have one foot that is larger than the other. The larger foot should determine the proper size.Never purchase any shoe just because it is advertised all the time and is worn by a famous athlete. Everyone has different feet with different needs.Other helpful information for the salesperson includes how many miles are run each week, how long has the person been running, where do they run and how much they weigh. All of this information is helpful when it's time to purchase the right running shoes for the feet.

Why are flat footed people not allowed in the US Army?

Flat footed persons are not good runner and they are not allowed in any army .Flat foot is weaker as compared to curved foot .

where can I get best cushioning running shoe?

Foot locker has the best cushioning running shoes in the market today. Go to their site and see their current selection. Cushioning running shoes help keep the joint pain away in your feet and knees.