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Q: What kinds of animals live in lake Huron?
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What kinds of animals live in lake superior?


How big is lake Huron?

lake Huron is 984 feet. it is a beautiful lake wich i live by. im live in Michigan and im a scientist. this measurement was made in 2008

What kinds of animals live around Lake Winnipeg?

eberything you can think of

What kind of animals live in a lake?

Fish, snakes, turtles, and frogs will live in a lake. There are many kinds of fish such as blue gill, bass, catfish, and walleye that live in a lake.

What kinds of animals and plants live in Lake Erie?

animals include bass and other types of fish , as for plants I don't know

Who are the First Nations people living by Lake Huron?

The indigenous North American tribe called the Huron live there.

What animals live in lake superior lowlands?

lots of kinds of fish,deer,bears,and rarely gophers.

What animals are in Lake Tahoe?

what animals live in lake Tahoe.

If you are located on a lake can you be located on a bay?

Sure, a bay can be a part of a lake. I live on Saginaw Bay on Lake Huron.

What part of Canada did the Hurons live?

Near the Georgian Bay on Lake Huron.

What are some animals that live in Big Bear Lake?

If your wondering what animals live in( Big Bear Lake). I'll tell you fish,snails, sometime's snapping turtles live in a lake and those are all the questions to ( What animals live in Big Bear Lake).

What kinds of animals live in the Pacific ocean?

All kinds of animals live in the Pacific oceanall animals

How did Lake Huron get its name?

AnswerIt was named after the Huron Native Americans. They did live in the northern area, so it only makes sense.

How many different kinds of animals live in the ocean?

100,000,000+ kinds of species of animals live in Ocean.

Do white fish live in Lake Huron?

Found to some degree in all of the Great Lakes.

Which native American tribes live or lived around Lake Erie?

erie, huron, Iroquois,

What kinds of animals live in hawaii?

all kinds of animals like dolphins

What kind of animals live in bucharest?

All kinds of animals live in Bucharest. I traveled there last summer. It was fabulous. It basically has the same kinds of animals that live in the United States.

What animals live in Lake Tahoe?

Fish and phytoplankton live in Lake Tahoe.

What animals live in and near Lake Oconee Georgia?

There are a great number of animals that live in and near Lake Oconee Georgia. These animals include fish and birds.

What kind of animals live in lakes?

Lake Animals

What animals are in lake maracaibo?

Fish live in Lake Maracaibo.

What kinds of animals live in the oceans?

sea animals

Do other animals live with animals if so what kinds of animals?

clown fish live with and in sea aninimeas

What animals live in the lake district?

water type animals