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What kinds of bone tissue make up bones?


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spongy and compact bone

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The muscle tissue bones that make blood are called the Cancellous bone.

Plates of bones tissue that make up the spongy bone.

There are 3 tissues that make up bone. 1.compact tissue - the harder, outer tissue of bones 2.cancellous tissue - the sponge-like tissue inside bones. 3.subchondral tissue - the smooth tissue at the ends of bones Compact and cancellous tissue together are called the periosteum.

The osseous tissue it one type of tissue that makes up bone. It is also known as bone tissue. Other types of tissue that help to make up bone is marrow, cartilage and endosteum.

Bone cells, which are found within the bone tissue, are responsible for the make-up of the skeleton of vertebrates. There are different types of bone tissue in a bone that are made up of different bone cells: there is the compact tissue which is the hard outer part of the bone, the cancellous tissue which is all the spongy tissue inside of the compact tissue, and the subchondral tissue which is the smooth tissue at the end of each bone. Bone cells all work together inside of the bones to help keep up the skeletal system. The bone cells do many things for the skeletal system such as the development of new bones, the maintenance of bones, and the regulation of minerals in the body.

Two types of bone tissue are compact bone and spongy bone. Compact bone functions as the basic supporting tissue of the body. Spongy bone's function , meanwhile, is to make up most of the short, flat, and irregular bones in your body. It also makes up the ends of long bones.

The tissue that connects bone to bone are called ligaments. They are responsible for providing stability to a joint. Cartilage, and ligaments make up the "connective tissue". And also Tendons (sinew), Auductive and Conductive Muscles and a decent argument for Joint Cartillage.

Excercise stimulates the body to make more bone tissue

osteoblasts build bones and osteoclasts destroy it to make room for more growth.

what tissue is made of bone cells

Bones are living because they are always growing. Even though bones eventually stop growing vertically, they are always changing in width. Osteoblasts are bone cells that build new bone and they are always producing new layers of bone so keep bones strong. There are also bone cells called osteoclasts that destroy bone and recycle the materials that make up bone tissue. Osteoclasts work to counteract the activity of the osteoblasts so that bones do not become too heavy. They also break down bone when the body is in need of calcium and other nutrients found in bone tissue.

There are more than 3 bones that form the cranial bones. There 6 bones that make up the cranial bone. Ethmoid bone, Frontal bone, Occipital bone, Parietal bone, Sphenoid bone, Temporal bone.

You cannot make bones in Minecraft. If you kill Skeletons, they may drop bones. You can craft bones into bone meal, though.

Osteoblast makes new bone tissue

Two kinds of connective tissue make blood cells for the body, myeloid tissue & lymphatic tissue. Myeloid tissue is found in the sternum, ribs & hip bones, and forms erythrocytes; lymphatic tissue is found in the lymph nodes, thymus & spleen, and forms leukocytes.

Well unless you have bone-scraping bones to remove bone, you cannot actually make the bones more narrow. You can lose weight in this area but not bone.

In bone, there are osteoblasts (cells which build bone) and osteoclasts (cells which break down bone). In the bone marrow and spongy bone, there are hematopoietic cells (cells which make blood). Bone is a type of connective tissue that is made of specialized cells that all work together for a common function. Their cellular and extracellular matrix is what makes bone cells so unique. Yes. Bones contain tissues and cells. They have cells called chondrocytes, osteoblasts, and osteocytes. And the tissues they form make connective tissue called bone. Bone is osseous tissue and has calcium and phosphorous in its extra cellular matrix.

bone, it is a type of connective tissue.

Spongy bone is the tissue that makes up the interior of bones; compact bone is the tissue that forms the surface of bones. In long bones, spongy bone forms the interior of the epiphyses; the diaphysis (shaft) consists of compact bone surrounding the central marrow cavity. Spongy bone can also be found in the rib slide (21). It contains large marrow spaces defined by shelves and spicules of bone. The inner space is lined by osteoblasts and osteoclasts (called the endosteum). Osteocytes can be seen in layers in adult spongy bone. Outside all of bone, is a connective tissue sheath called the periosteum. It contains inner layers of osteogenic cells that can give rise to osteoblasts and make new bone,.

No, because that would make them bones and they are not bones.

Muscles make bones move.

because they are bones and bones do the bone dance and they make the bang boom and bones cells are made

tissue make up muscle tissue. bone cell grouped together make up nerve bone tissue.

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