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What kinds of cables do you need to connect a Sound Lab G742 powered mixer to 2x200 watt Sound Lab speakers to get the best sound from them?


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The cables really don't make much difference. If you're a fanatic, you can spend hundreds of dollars on fragile gold cables and you probably won't be able to tell the difference. About the only way that cables could make a noticable difference is if your mixer has an optical out and the speakers have an optical in, which isn't very likely.

-DJ Craig

This isn't technically correct. The cable choice can make a huge difference.

Firstly you do not want very thin cable, this will limit the amount of bass coming through them. You really want to be looking at a good quality copper cable, DJ Craig is correct in saying that you could spend hundreds of dollars and not notice, but this is because of your system, a good choice of cable for such a system, would be two core power cable, this is a cheap and effective solution, I've seen guys use this a lot.

And the optical thing... Audio signals are not passed through optical cable, data is, first the audio is converted to data, with an A/D converter, passed through the data cable, then converted back to audio with a D/A converter. Voltage isn't passed through these cables, its the voltage which drives the speakers.

My Advice. Good Power cable will do the job just fine.

King Tom


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