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ANSWER:Light is not only the issue, it is also air. Milk the is delivered in bags for milk dispensers last really long, because the air never gets in the bag.
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Q: What kinds of containers does milk last longer in?
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What kind of milk lasts longer?

For liquid milk, UHT or Long Life milk will last longer than Pasteurised milk. Pasteurised milk will last longer than raw milk.

What is in milk to make it last longer?

Milk is pasteurized which reduces the microbial load. That makes it last longer.

What is heat treated milk called?

Pasteurized milk is milk that has been heated to make it last longer.

What is the plastic in milk containers?

The common plastic used in milk containers is HDPE (high density polyethylene).

If you put two 1-pint containers of milk together how much milk do you have?

If you put two 1-pint containers of milk together how much milk do you have?

How are plastic milk containers made?

Plastic milk containers are produced by injection mold. See Related Links.

How can milk be treated to make it last longer?

Why do you tell me there is an answer if there isn't?!

Why are milk containers white?

Milk containers are normally white to filter out light which can start to break down the milk. Some believe cardboard is a better container for preserving milk than plastic.

What does homogenizing do to milk?

It mixes it together in a way that makes it last longer without separating into water and milk-fat.

Does organic milk stay fresh longer?

Only if it is pasteurized at Ultra High Temperature, causing it to stay drinkable for longer. Most containers of organic milk treated this way also have a disclaimer that milk "tastes freshest within 7 days of opening" even if you drink it before the stamped expiration date.

Why does organic milk last much longer than ordinary milk?

Organic milk lasts longer than regular milk because a different process is used to preserve it. The process of ultra high temperature (UHT) is used for organic milk, while pasteurization is used for regular milk.

Does milk last longer in cartons then in plastic?

Cartons, as much as 6 weeks

Will lactaid milk spoils faster than regular milk?

It's the other way around - the Lactaid will last longer.

Why is milk sometimes pasteurized?

Because pasteurised milk can last much longer when refrigerated and its much healthier than other brands of milk

Why is it a good thing to have pasteurised milk?

It kills germs and bacteria that may be in the milk making it last longer and stopping potential disease.

Why is milk sold in cardboard or opaque plastic containers?

Light destroys the riboflavin in milk.

Why does cream last longer than milk?


Why milk sold in rectangular containers while soft drinks are sold in round ones?

Carbonated soft drinks have to be put in round containers or they will burst. Milk is not carbonated, so will not burst.

How long can you leave milk at room temperature?

You can leave milk at room temperature for no more than two hours before it begins to spoil. Milk that is pasteurized will last slightly longer than fresh milk.

Explain the Milk sours if left out for a day or two but will last two weeks in the refrigerator?

Milk contains bacteria. Bacteria reproduces. When bacteria reproduces it lowers the pH of milk. When the pH of milk is lowered, Milk tastes sour. Bacteria reproduces faster at room temperature than it does at cold temperatures. So. Your milk will last longer in a refrigerator.

Where can breast milk storage containers be purchased?

Breast milk storage containers can be purchased at any local convenience store such as Wal-Mart or Target. They can be purchased in reusable hard plastic, or bags.

Kinds of milk?

Whole milk, 2% milk, soy milk, powdered milk, goats milk, etc.

What's good about milk in cardboard cartons?

Milk stays fresh longer in cartons, over see-through containers which means it tastes better, for longer... Cartons are also more eco-friendly as opposed to plastic jugs. The down side is cartons are more expensive.

Is open milk carton good for one week?

A carton of open milk can last up to 2 weeks, it will last longer if the temperature of the refrigerator is lower. For more Food Storage information you can visit

How does milk get to your table?

Farmer milk cows and send it in containers to processing plants that purify it and add some other ingredients to make it taste better. When the milk has been tested and accepted to move on, they are put into containers and shipped to stores around the world.