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POLAR COVALENT COMPOUNDS which had put with ionic compounds in the same water will form into the electrolyte solution.

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Why some time covalent compounds are called poler covalent compound?

Polar covalent compounds: unequal sharing of electrons. Basically, one element has a much higher electronegativity ("liking" of electrons) than the others. Like in water: Oxygen has a much higher electronegativity and positive charge than the hydrogens. So, the electrons will spend most of their time with the oxygen. This will make the oxygen act like a negative and the hydrogen act like a positive.

Kinds of ends of human act?

kinds of ends

Which soluctions exhibit high electrolytic behavior?

Mostly ionic solutions are the ones which are used as electrolytes. It is because of the concentration of the ions produced in the solution. So, they act as suitable electrolytes.

How do electrons act in covalent bond?

Electrons are shared between two atoms during the formation of a covalent bond

Kinds of human act?

KINDS OF HUMAN ACTgoodbad indifferentdirectindirectperfectimperfect

Why do some electrolytes give better voltages than others?

because they re-act better to electricity

Vitamins are organic compounds that act as?


What organic compounds act like bases?


Do ionic compounds act as the solute or solvent?

generally the solute

What causes fruit to conduct electricity?

What causes fruit to conduct electricity are the acids in the fruits. They act as electrolytes, which is similar to the acid in batteries.

Do compounds act the same as their original atoms before they bonded to an element?

No. Compounds have unique chemical and physical properties different from the elements of which they are made.

What kinds of acts did king George do?

he did the stamp act, the sugar act, the tea act, the intolerable or coercive acts, the quartering act, the townshend act, and some other ones i cant remember.

What nutrition does water have?

It's not a "nutrient" as such but is vital to carry nutrients etc around the body, and to act as the solvent to give electrolytes necessary in cellular processes.

Why does an onion conduct electricity?

Electrolytes are conductors of electricity because they are ions and ions are conductors of electricity, both positively and negatively charged. When we speak of ions as conductors of electricity we are not speaking only of electricity we use for lighting our homes or for electrical appliances we find in the home. Electrolytes are elements in the body such as sodium and potassium, which are minerals and chemicals like chlorides, bicarbonates sodium, potassium and magnesium. Potassium and sodium are also elements found in blood and body fluids. Compounds, which separate into ions, when they are dissolved in water are conductors of electricity. They break into positive and negative ions when dissolved in water making them conductors of electricity. Positive ions are called cation and negative ions are called anion. Electrolytes create a conductive medium when they dissociate free ions as they dissolve in water, these are called ionic solutes. Electrolytes contain electric currents and as electrically charged ions, act as conductors of electricity. Electrolytes can be found in acids, salts and some gases in high temperature or in low pressure. Electrolytes can be considered concentrated, when the concentration of ions is high or they can be dilute when a low concentration of ions is present. Electrolytes will dissolve in water an create a solution, which conducts electrical current, therefore electrolytes are considered to be conductors of electricity.

What type of bond protein have?

Protein molecules have covalent bonds in them, and there are hydrogen bonds that act as intermolecular bonds.

While a number of compounds can act as antioxidants the major cellular antioxidant in the body is?


Compounds that can act as either an acid or a base are called?

Amphoteric, or, more commonly 'buffers'

Why does water act as a solvent of ionic compounds?

Because the particles of hydrogen in the water are charged

Why do ionic compounds that dissolve in water conduct electricity?

When ionic compounds are dissolved in water, they do seperate into ions and act as free ions in the solutions and it makes the conductivity.

RNAs that can act as enzymes are called?

RNA's that can act as enzymes are called ribozymes. Its function is to catalyze the cleavage and formation of covalent bonds in RNA strands at particular sites.

Group of covalent bonded atoms that act like a single atom when combining with other atoms?

Group 14

What are the functions for proteins?

They act as catalysts for reactions and as producers, transporters and modifiers for other compounds and proteins.

What type of compound is always an electrolyte?

all ionic compoundsIonic compounds always act as an electrolyte.As soon as they are added to water to form solutions, they dissociate in their constituent ions.

What type of metals are able to act as catalysts?

most of the metals (either in the form of native metals or as their compounds) are known to act as catalysts for one reaction or the other.

Can someone explain what kinds of thin layer chromatography there are and what it does?

they are layers and they act like layers