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What kinds of crafts are made in France?

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In France, as all over the world, people make the same kind of crafts. People the world over use clay, paint, glue, scissors, paper, wood, yarn, beads and whatever else you would use for your crafts.

If you put a craft class from France next to a craft class from any other country in the world, they would look the same. I can't think of anything that would set France off as being different.

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What kind of crafts are made and sold in France?

This Site has information about crafts that are made and sold in France along with information about the artists:

What kinds of home crafts were made by the Puritans?

There are a number of different home crafts that were made by the Puritans. These crafts included cloths and linens that had a purpose.

What kinds of crafts and instrumants were made by the Blackfeet Indians?


How many kinds of river crafts are there?

There are a few different kinds of river crafts that can be used on the water. Some of these crafts are, canoe's, raft's, and fishing boats.

What crafts did the first nations make?

how many kinds of crafts? tell about them

What kinds of Crafts are made in Brazil?

they make raindeer, santa and all x-mas stuff like that

What kinds of crafts and instruments were made by the Blackfeet Indians?

Try this site: *

What kinds of crafts did the Comanche make?

They make people!

What types of arts and crafts did Mexican people make?

Mexican people made many different arts and or crafts. They made differtant kinds of pottery, such as, pots, pans, tools, and jewelry. They made farmland to grow crops and farming tools approxitmatley around 3000 B.C.

What did the Cherokee Indians trade?

the Cherokee Indians traded crafts ....they traded crafts for food water shelter and those kinds of things

How many kinds of smencils are there?

try to look in a arts and crafts store

What is a disk like washer for?

I've heard that it was made for tightening screws but I know from personal experience that it can be used for all kinds of crafts, jewelry and whatnot.

What did the Sioux Indians do for entertainment?

For entertainment, the Sioux Indians made different kinds of arts and crafts. This included making paintings, pottery, and basket weaving.

What are aircrafts made from?

what are air crafts made from

How was arts and crafts made?

arts & crafts were frist started by the Native Americans.

What are arts and crafts practiced in France?

They are The Mona Lisa! Hope it helps!

What did Apaches make for crafts?

One of the oldest, and most intricate, kinds of Apache crafts is basket-weaving. They also were known for their beadworking, silversmithing and sculpting pottery.

What art did the Comanches do?

they made crafts

What kinds of arts and crafts did the Sioux make?

quilts, pottery, pipes, bead work

What crafts are traditional to France?

Traditional French crafts include shoemaking, glass blowing, stained glass artwork, and lace making. Fashion and garment design is also a French craft. Arts and crafts traditions remain important in France, employing over 3 million people today.

Did the Ottawa tribe make arts and crafts?

yes the Ottawa tribe made arts and crafts.

What are the top 5 imports of France?

plastic, gum, air crafts and beer

what are the crafts you can make at home?

Many crafts can be made at home you just need to use your imagnation. Crafts could span from Ginger bread houses to model cabins made of toothpics or popcicle sticks.

What are some arts and crafts the incas made?

the art they made were faces of them selfs and they sometimes made they made randomn sculptures like for example signs that they would use to comunicate and they never did crafts

What arts and crafts the incas made?


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