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Q: What kinds of crops grow along the Tigris River?
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How does a river affect people negatively?

Rivers can flood (overflow their banks) destroying homes, crops, cars and all kinds of things

What kinds of crops were planted at mission santa Barbara?

What kinds of crops were planted at mission santa Barbara

Where is the Tigris tiger at?

Tigris is the scientific name for tiger. There are various kinds of tiger that still live in India and surrounding countries.

How many kinds of cash crops are there?

There are many kinds of cash crops. Some of the cash crops of the US are Avocados, Bananas, Rice, Soybeans, Apples, Pears, Tobacco, Lemons and many others.

Crops grown in Quebec?

There are several kinds of crops that are grown in Quebec. Some of the crops are tobacco, soybeans, grain corn, and beans.

What are the uses of spice crops?

spice crops are important because spice crops gives flavors and aroma to different kinds of foods...

What kinds of crops do the Yoruba raise?


What kinds of crops are grown in Luxembourg?

Wheat and hay

What kinds of crops grow in Asia?

Rice and tea

What kinds of crops did farmers first grow?


What kinds of crops are grown in north America?

Locust Trees

What kinds of crops does Italy grow?

hey whats up

What kinds of crops are grown in Malaysia?

agricultural palm fruits

What kinds of crops are raised in new jersey?

Mostly Corn

What is a map that shows what kinds of crops are grown in a place?


What kinds of crops did the Indian tribe yokuts grow?


What kinds of crops are grown near desert oasis?


What kinds of crops caterpillar feed on?

Any thing that has leaves

What are the two main crops in Georgia?

Georgia soil is fertile and has the ability to grow many kinds of crops. Two main cash crops in Georgia are Cotton and Peanuts.

What kinds of crops grown in the Antarctic?

There are no crops grown on Antarctica: it's too cold. In the region, only algae, bacteria and fungi grow. None are considered 'crops'.

What vegetation grows in Egypt?

Along the Nile River, all kinds of grasses and shrubs grow. There are also a number of trees that can survive the heat and humidity in Egypt if they are near water.

What crops are grown in Poland?

Some of the crops grown in Poland are potatoes, rye, wheat, apples, plums, and all kinds of vegetables.

What kinds of crops did colonial Conecticut grow?

They had various crops but their main items used fishing, lumber, shipping and ship building.

What are tigers?

tigers are one of the largest members of the cat family.It is a four legged animal that lives in hot wet and humid jungles as well as icy cold forests. Its beautiful orange and black markings makes it easier for the tiger to camoflouge.There are 8 kinds of tigers they are Siberian tigers(panthera Tigris ataica), Bengal tigers (panthera Tigris Tigris), Sumatran tigers (panthera Tigris sumatrae), South China tigers (panthera Tigris amoyensis) Indochinese tigers (panthera Tigris corbetti). There are 3 extinct kinds, they are Bli tigers (panthera Tigris balica) Javan tigers (panthera Tigris sondaicus) and last but not least Caspian aka Persian tigers (pantera Tigris virgat). The strongest tiger is the Bengal tiger, while the largest the Siberian tiger.And most importantly, since it bears fur, breathes oxygen, and gives live birth, it is a mammal.

What kinds of crops are grown there in Norway?

apples pears plums cherries