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Well actually, only taking fruits cannot make you much taller. It all depends on your DNA, environment,way of life, if you play sports or not, health and etc. You can't really say this fruit is going to make you taller.It's all one.You have to have all of these(DNA,Health..).If you only have one(lets say fruits), it wont differ much,maybe 2-3 cm.But not all fruits.Fruits like bananas,strawberries,lettuce,cucumber,cherries,green apples and pineapples.

PS:Don't weightlift at all..if you really cant hold yourself do it while sitting down.And another things is that you need to stretch and play alot of sports.Best sports for increasing your height are b-ball,American football,swimming(helps alot).Sports that stretch your chest the most.It's a big PS I know.

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Q: What kinds of fruit can make you grow taller?
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