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Silver and Gold are not necessarily nickel-free, in 9 carat gold there isn't actually that much gold! The gold in jewelry is alloyed with other metals - and it is crucial to find out what those other metals are. Look for "guaranteed 100% nickel-free". Find a supplier/retailer who caters to and understands this need. Many don't! Addition: Palladium and Platinum jewelry are nickel free. 950 Platinum is 95% pure Platinum and 5% of either Iridium or Ruthenium (all part of the Platinum family). Palladium is also part of the Platinum family, but much lighter and less expensive than Platinum. Only a small handful of jewelry designers, like myself, create jewelry using Palladium mixed with 24K Gold to yield a 18K Palladium combination.

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Q: What kinds of jewelry is nickel free?
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What does jewelry hallmark NF925 mean?

Nickel Free 925 silver. Namely, sterling silver which is free of nickel traces.

What is the difference between lead and nickel compliant and lead and nickel free?

Hi, This is my knowledge since I work in a fashion jewelry company. The state of California has lead and nickel requirements for jewelry in order for the jewelry to be considered safe. Nickel is not a problem since most jewelry factories in China are nickel-free . However, California considers jewelry that has less than 600 ppm (parts per million) for lead safe (this is for adult jewelry, for children jewelry it is a lot lower). If an earring is considered lead/nickel compliant, that means that the earring has some lead/nickel but lower than the threshold. Lead/nickel free means that they have none. However, I know that that it is VERY difficult to make completely lead free jewelry if it has metal plating. Many companies put lead free even though they should actually be writing lead compliant. Just my 2 cents.

Are betsey Johnson earings nickel free?

"Unfortunately Betsey Johnson jewelry is not nickel free." The response I got from the BJ website when I asked a similar question recently. :(

How do you clean nickel jewelry?

There are many ways you could clean nickel jewelry such as buying jewelry polishing wipes. You could also use rubbing alcohol to clean nickel jewelry.

You want to wear your jewelry but am allergic to it?

You can coat the backs of the jewelry with clear nail polish, that does help somewhat, you still need to limit the time that you wear the jewelry though... Find out what you are allergic to, is it the gold or the nickel, sometimes if its gold you can get 10 K gold instead of higher values and that helps... If its the nickel then you would need to get the nickel free jewelry...

How do you clean nickel plated jewelry?

The Nickel plated jewelry can be cleaned in a vinegar solution or mixture. Steel wool can also be used to clean the nickel plated jewelry.

Where can platinum jewelry be bought?

Platinum jewelry can be bought in most jewelry shops and is a very good but slightly more expensive alternative to nickel jewelry. Most people prefer platinum jewelry over nickel jewelry because nickel jewelry is very reactive and can cause allergic reactions.

How can you tell if an earring contains Nickel?

One good way to tell is to use a nickel test kit. This is practical when you want to test an earring which you've already purchased. If you are purchasing a new earring, look for "guaranteed nickel-free" or "hypoallergenic" or "100% nickel-free". Jewelry marked with one of these will have no nickel or very little nickel and are less likely to irritate.

What tipes of jewelry are megnetic?


What is lead and nickel compliant in jewelry mean?

What does lead comliant in jewelry mean

Is copper nickel free?

Copper and nickel are different elements; as such, pure copper is nickel free.

Does silver jewelry contain nickel?

Jewelry cannot be made with 100% jewelry as it is not strong enough. Nickel or copper is added for this purpose. Click on these links to see beautiful silver jewelry made by artisans in Syria. The best silver jewelry uses sterling silver which is 92.5% silver.

Skin reaction to jewelry?

Skin reactions to jewelry are most commonly caused by a nickel allergy.

How important is nickel in your everyday life?

it is used for jewelry!

What are the consequences of nickel used in silver jewelry?


Where is a safe place to buy body jewelry?

BodySparkle has been selling body jewelry online for over 8 years. We only sell nickel-free 316L Surgical stainless steel, solid titanium or solid 14K gold body jewelry.

What does NF sterling ring mean nickel Free or nickel filled?

it means nickel-free, because some people have reactions to nickel

Why do jewelry allergies occur?

Some people might be allergic to fake jewelry. Many pieces of jewelry contain the component called nickel which is one of the most common causes of jewelry allergies. The itchy rash generally appears in the areas where jewelry is worn. As a nickel alloy sits against the skin, the natural sweat and oils from the skin oxidize the metal. As a result of the oxidation, a thin layer of nickel salts form on top of the jewelry. Those nickel salts irritate the skin and cause the allergic dermatitis that are characteristic of a metal allergy.

Is Rhodium Nickel free?

Rhodium is the name given to a pure, unmixed element, hence, by definition, it does not have any nickel in it. Assuming you might be talking about rhodium plated jewelry, you'd have to contact the manufacturer as to possible alloy composition.

Metals in jewelry that is not magnetic?

anything but iron nickel and cobalt

What kinds of jewelry did the shoshone wear?

what kind of jewelry do ShoShone wear

What does nickel on a necklace do to your neck- Is it good to have nickel on a necklace?

My friend give me a necklace,it is a tiffny necklace.though it is not a nickel necklace,but it is very beautiful.Maybe tiffny jewelry have this kind of nickel necklace

How Can you get free jewelry?

Rob a jewelry store.

What kinds of wedding bands for women are there for those allergic to nickel alloys?

Nickel allergies can pose a problem when searching for the perfect wedding band, as even high-carat gold can include nickel in the alloy mix. Titanium and platinum rings are both nickel free. For a less expensive ring, modern silver alloys do not contain nickel.

How do you make not nickel free earrings nickel free?

you can't as such make them nickel free but it does help if you put a coating if clear nail polish over the area that is in contact with your skin.