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What kinds of jobs are available in the field of biochemistry?


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June 18, 2007 7:52AM

Biochemistry itself is a science related to biological chemicals. Given most biological entities are carbon based it therefore relates more specifically to chemicals containing Carbon andHydrogentermedhydrocarbons. Therefore the remit of such a speciality is vast including such things as petrochemicals, pharmaceuticals, clinical diagnostic,ecological monitoring.... truly the area is vast. The jobs however are all very similar throughout the fielddespite their different titles. The jobs will, most likely, be laboratory based fitting into one of the following. Laboratory technician - an individual who performs routine analysis of compounds using equipment such as HPLC, GC-MS or other automated analytical equipment. Scientist - an individual who oversees the technicians and offers assistance where required but also an individual that takes the data produced and lends an interprative eye. Laboratory Manager - an individual, usually a senior scientist, who has largely moved from the true analytical role of a scientist into a managerial position. They are able to give guidance and perspective to a project and, having gained specialist experience in a given field,are able to validate the findings of the Scientists. Quality Control / Assurance Scientists- these individuals are tasked with ensuring both processes and products fall within given tolerances and therefore are of sufficient quality for safety and sales purposes As stated before there are probably hundreds of thousands of roles within the field of Biochemistry with eligability for each having its own set of requirements pertinant to the specific chemicals and media being used.