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Which war? People have the same types of jobs during a war as during peace time, but a few less people have jobs providing luxury goods and services and quite a few more are working in defense-related industries and in the military. * Some cared for the dead and the dying, * Some worked on farms and in defense plants, * Some got wealthy servicing the black market. * A few were not effected by the war at all, but the vast majority were. * Some worked a regular job and did volunteer work regularly. * Some spent the war locked in internment camps. * In Alcatraz the prisoners built things for the services and did their laundry. * For many, life went on while awaiting that dreaded War Department Telegam.

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Q: What kinds of jobs did people have in World War 2?
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What kinds of jobs did people have in World War 2 submarines?

In World War 2 submarines people had many jobs. Some listened to different radio signals, and others watched the sonar. There were also navigators, torpedo loaders and shooters, and preachers. In most submarines there were surgeons.

What kinds of jobs were Jews sacked from in World War 2?

They had no jobs in world war 2, they were sacked from their jobs in 1935 such as Lawyers, Doctors and Nurses. but in 1933-1934 Jews were sacked from minor Jobs such as; Shop keepers and Vets.

Did people lose their jobs in world war 1?


What was good about World War 1?

Since the whole world was in depression the war created jobs for people to manufacture goods,

What kinds of jobs woman hold in world war 2?

Welders , pilots , riveters , administrative positions , nurses , drivers ,

What kinds of jobs were Jewish refugees in Britain allowed to do during World War 2?

That changed rapidly during World War 2, especially from late 1940 onwards. At first, there were all kinds of restrictions on the jobs that "enemy aliens" (that is, people with German or Austrian passports) could do. For example, many of the early refugees had to go into domestic service. Later, it became policy to make full use of their skills.

About how many people thought in World War 2?

If you meant how many people fought in World War 2 you need to know that there were millions and millions who fought in that war world wide. The USA had over two million who fought in that war and 300,000 women helped on the war front and home front in service jobs and volunteer jobs.

Why during World War 1 people moved to cities?

For jobs mostly

Were canadians drafted in World War 2?

Yes, Canadians were drafted into the Military during World War 2, most of these people were Blacks and other kinds of Mix-raced people.

How did World War 2 change people's lifestyles?

I don't know very much, but I do know that as women did a lot of men's jobs during the second world war, after the war was over, women still kept up some of their jobs.

What were the jobs for people while world war 1 was happening?

Most jobs continued where possible, but the munitions industry went massive.

Imperialism's impact on World War 1?

it impact its sels by helping the poor people for getting jobs

What similarities were there between womens jobs in world war 1 and world war 2?

They did the man's jobs while they were at war. Lots of women also contributed to the war effort by taking factory jobs and producing war machines

What jobs were there for kids in world war 1?

They didn't have any jobs because they were evacuated apart from working for the people they were staying with.

What kind of work did people do in world war 1 and world war 2?

People mainly worked in factories, shipyards, and distribution. Millions of people joined the work force because they had earlier lost their jobs to the Depression.

What was the women's jobs for World War 2?

They went to work in factories and other jobs that were primary male jobs that went to war.

What kinds of books did people read during world war 2?

blitz boys and the railway children

What did older men do in World War 2?

They did all kinds of jobs. They worked in factories, and formed the 'land army' - which kept vigilance against invading forces.

Was women effective during World War 2?

Women were effective during World War II because they replaced many of the men who were soldiers. They filled in at jobs of all kinds, including those that required heavy physical labor.

What was life like for people in Berlin after World War 2?

it was very hard for them. there was no food and jobs etc. ........

Why during world war 1 did more people in Newport and norfolk get jobs naval?

yes, they were needed

What kind of jobs did people in japan during world war 2?

they were basically slaves of the Americans back then

Why did women do men's jobs during World War I and World War 2?

Because millions of the men who normally did those jobs were in the Army and Navy.

How did people at home help in World War 2?

During World War 2, people at home helped by filling in at the jobs that were vacant. People also helped by giving their support by writing letters to keep the spirits up of the soldiers.

What did women in World War I do?

They did the jobs that the soldiers ould not do because they were in the war.