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The types of degrees that the University of Phoenix offers, can be classified into the following kinds of categories: business, health care, education, criminal justice, nursing, technology, social work, and continuing education. They are available online and on campus.

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Q: What kinds of majors does Phoenix University offer?
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What sports does the University of Phoenix offer?

The university does not offer sports.

Which universities offer majors in Computer Sciences?

The universities that offer majors in Computer Sciences are: University of Maryland, Stanford University, Harvard University, University of Oxford and National University of Singapore. These are just to mention a few as there is a large number of universities that offer Majors in Computer Sciences.

How many majors does Baylor university offer?


Does the university of Phoenix offer archaeology?

The university of phoenix offers a wide range of degrees and is a very competitive university. The university, however, does not offer a degree in archaeology.

How many majors does the University of Virginia offer?

it is 8+2

Does the University of Phoenix offer any online doctoral programs?

At the present time the University of Phoenix does not offer any doctoral programs. You will have to attend a traditional university for this type of degree.

Does the University of Phoenix offer job placement assistance?


Does University of Phoenix offer any online counseling degree programs?

The University of Phoenix does not offer any counseling degree programs online. They do offer Master of Science Counseling degrees in Phoenix, Tucson and Salt Lake City.

What are the best rated accredited online colleges?

The highest rated online accredited colleges are also some of the most reconized and are the University of Phoenix, American Intercontinental University online, and Kaplan University. These colleges also offer a wide variety of majors and degrees.

What majors does university of Florida offer?

The Univresity of Florida offers a variety of majors such as Education, Agriculture,Engineering, Achitecture and many more.The total number of majors offering by the University of Florida is over one hundred.

Does University of Phoenix offer phlebotomy training?

University of Phoenix does offer a very good phleboloty training program. will help you request more information on their program.

What lectures does Phoenix University offer?

The Phoenix University offers an array of lectures. You can find more information by visiting the University website and you will find detailed information there.

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