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What kinds of questions should you ask to get to know a girl you like?

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βˆ™ 2006-08-19 20:47:37

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Ask her about her interests and opinioms. Don't ask too many questions at one time, though, because that may make you seem like a stalker. Remember the stuff she told and maybe a week later, show her that you remember what she said by saying something about it. For example, if she said she likes to play soccer, you could ask her what position she plays.

2006-08-19 20:47:37
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What do you ask a girl if you trying to get with her?

Get to know her, ask her questions.

What are 10 questions to know a girl?

what are her hobbies is a good one

Questions I should ask when getting to know a girl?

Stuff that you want to know. Good girl, bad girl, what she likes, what she does in her spare time, just don;t seem creep. Try to make it seem casual. If your with a bunch of friends bring up the idea of truth or dare if you want to find out more personal questions, but nothing to personal.

How do you know when a guy is interested in a girl?

When he starts asking personal questions.

Questions that turn a girl on?

Do you know how bad i want you? How hard do you want it? Or you could try asking. Do you know how beautiful you are? Questions like that, usually work.

When you know your boyfriend is cheating on you with girl you know what should you do?

You should tell the other girl and both break up with your boyfriend.

How long should you know a girl?

Youu should at leat know her for atleast 2 months ;

How do you make the 1 move on a girl?

Yes you do but don't rush and I'm a girl so i know thees questions

What are good questions to ask a girl you like to get know her more?

boob size?

How is it that I can like a girl but not know anything about her?

You can know something about her, if you care. One of the ways to know something about a person is to ask questions.

What should you do if you don't know if a girl likes you?

go to 'ask' and type in 'how do you know if a girl likes you' you should find all you need there

What should you do if you like a girl but don't know if she likes you?

Well I am a girl, and if you like a girl and you know that she likes you then, have your friend ask her out for you.

If WikiAnswers doesn't know the answer why do you have the question posted?

Because you can't answer a question that has never been asked. Ideally, there there should only be two kinds of questions on WikiAnswers - those that have been answered, and those that will be answered. When a contributor comes across a question that hasn't been answered, and they know (or think they know) the answer, they will put it in. That is how the collection of questions and answers grows.

What should you do if you do not know the answer to a client 'query?

I don't really know what kind of clients you have or what kinds of questions they are asking you, but if it is your job to answer your clients' questions, and you are asked a question to which you do not know the answer, perhaps you can do some research and find out the answer, and get back to your client later. If, however, it is a question that you will never be able to answer, or don't even want to answer, then just tell the client that you regret that you are unable to answer.

Should you ask a cute girl out or get to know her better?

If you want to go out with a girl you should always try and get to know her better before you ask her out.

You know this girl likes you and you like her what should you do?

You should ask her out!

What kind of questions should a teenage girl ask a teenage boy when liking them?

just get to know him. ask about his hobbies. his family. his pets, just whatever comes to mind :)

What should you get for your boyfriends anniversary?

Only you will know. What kinds of things does he enjoy?

What to say to a girl you just met?

say hi and ask her some questions to get to know her

How would you get to know the girl you like?

you go up to her and ask all sorts of questions about her

A girl I've known for a while likes me but likes someone else more how should i get her to like me more?

Yes, i think that you should get to know her more. It could turn out into a realationship, you should ask her questions about herself as if you're interveiwing her

How do you figure out the best girl for you?

Know yourself first. Here are some questions you should ask yourself: What are my core values? What personal attributes are most important to me? What standards am I unwilling to compromise? Do some serious thinking about these and other questions of a similar nature. When you can answer questions like these to your own satisfaction, then you will be in a position to decide if any girl you may be interested in is "best" for you.

How do you know if you should kiss a girl?

If you want to

How do you talk to a popular girl?

how should i know??

You like a girl but she does not know what should you do?