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You can find pictures of 1920s Chicago Police uniforms at - Photographs from the Chicago Daily News: 1902-1933, Chicago Historical Society at: enter the search words: police uniform

2004-04-22 18:32:17
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Who has the ugliest NFL uniforms?

the chicago bears

Are there any pictures available from the Chicago Grant Park riot of 1968?

The newspaper archives are probably your best sources.

How many police officers are on the Chicago police department?

There are about 13,400 sworn police officers and 1,850 other employees in the Chicago Police Department.

How many Chicago police officers are black?

Chicago has approximately 3630 black policemen.

How many police officers work for the Chicago police department?

About 13,400 sworn Law Enforcement Officers.

How many black officers are in the Chicago Police Department?

About 25% of Chicago PD is black, compared to 33% of the Chicago population.

Do probation officers in Chicago Illinois carry weapons?

yes, cook county probation officers arrest offenders, and are peace officers. we carry glocks.

How many police officers were killed in Chicago in 1932?


Do cook county Chicago correction officers required to carry weapon while off duty?

Not required, but allowed to- as they are considered Law Enforcement Officers/Peace Officers

Is there any felony attorneys available in Chicago?

Yes, there are many different felony attorneys available in Chicago. Some of those felony attornies that are available in Chicago are Gaboyers and many other lawyers.

Where are pictures of riots in Chicago 1967?

The riots in Chicago were in 1968, not 1967. You could try the Chicago Historical Society and the Chicago Tribune (see links).

How many Chicago police officers have been killed in the line of duty?


What is a short sentence for symposium?

The officers attended a law enforcement symposium in Chicago.

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What transportation was available in Chicago in 1500?

None. Chicago did not exist in 1500.

What schools wear uniforms?

Boston New york Chicago Washington and many more Most private and public schools in countries of the Commonwealth have uniforms. This includes the UK, New Zealand and Australia.

How much is the average salary for Chicago Police officers?

65k but after taxes like 18k

What color uniforms do the Chicago Blackhawks wear?

The Chicago Blackhawks are a professional Ice Hokey team from Chicago, Illinois. The team colors and black, red, and white. The colors worn depend on if the game is home or away.

What is the GSW on the Chicago Bears uniforms?

Actually, the initials are GSH. They stand for George Stanley Halas, the founder of the team.

When will the Chicago Bears wear their orange uniforms in 2011?

Week 3 The Same day the Green Bay Packers come to town to beat them AGAIN in Chicago 34-17.

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