Lakes and Rivers

What lakes are in Jamaica?

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What are the lakes in Jamaica?


Does Jamaica have any lakes?


Does Jamaica have any lakes or rivers?


What lakes are there in Jamaica?

Jamaica is a beautiful island. However, it does not currently have any inland lakes. Montague Lake was destroyed in 2006 during a flood.

What percent of Jamaica is lakes and rivers?


What are the names of the lakes in Jamaica?

St. George's Lake

What are major lakes in jamaica?

Y bala Swing

Major Lakes In Jamaica?

Moneague Lake(s)

What are the names of the major lakes rivers mountains mountain ranges and deserts in Jamaica?

Don't know at all! Sorry!

Is Jamaica estates in Jamaica queens?

no, Jamaica estates is in montego bay Jamaica

Who rules Jamaica?

Jamaica is ruled by the Government of Jamaica.

What are their eating customs in Jamaica?

what are the eating customs in Jamaica what are the eating customs in Jamaica what are the eating customs in Jamaica

What is the formal name of Jamaica?

The official name of Jamaica is simply 'Jamaica'

What is the national currency of Jamaica?

The currency of Jamaica is the Jamaica Dollar (JMD).

What is Jamaica official name?

The official name of Jamaica, is simply 'Jamaica'.

Does Jamaica have foresets?

Yes Jamaica has forests there are about 23 forests in Jamaica.

Why did the english came to Jamaica?

the english came to jamaica for the wealth in jamaica

What has the author V J Chapman written?

V. J. Chapman has written: 'The marine algae of New Zealand' -- subject(s): Marine algae 'A history of the lake-weed infestation of the Rotorua Lakes and the lakes of the Waikato Hydro-Electric System' -- subject(s): Aquatic weeds, Control, Lakes, History 'The marine algae of Jamaica' -- subject(s): Marine algae, Identification

How many states are in Jamaica?

Jamaica does not have states, it has parishes. Jamaica has 14 parishes.

How many states does Jamaica have?

Jamaica does not have States they have Parishes.There are 14 parishes in Jamaica.

Where is Bob Marley from?

Jamaica!JamaicaYes, his mother from Jamaica and father from England

Is Haiti in Jamaica?

No Haiti is not in Jamacia.

Where is the Jamaica Center For Arts And Learning in Jamaica New York located?

The address of the Jamaica Center For Arts And Learning is: 161-04 Jamaica Avenue, Jamaica, NY 11432

Crafts from Jamaica?

Crafts from Jamaica

What is Jamaica offical name?

its Jamaica

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