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Some places in Europe

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What countries did Italy take over in 1938-1939?

Italy took over albania

How long did Italy take over Albania?

From 1939 to 1943.

What areas did Italy take over in 1938-1939?

Italy took over Ethiopia after a border incident gave Italy an excuse to intervene and conquer the country. Italy took over Albania without any problems because Albania was already dependent on Italy's economy.

What areas did Italy take over between 1938 and 1939?

The country of Italy took over Ethiopia between 1938 and 1939. Under the dictatorship of Benito Mussolini and the guidance of Adolf Hitler, Italian forces seized Ethiopia.

Different stages of unification of Italy?

The Unification of Italy involved adding small patches of land, having Garbaldi take provinces and relying on France to assist in gaining lands. In addition papal lands with the exception of Vatican City were turned over.

What countries or territories did Mussolini take over between 1936 and 1939 in world war 2?

Answerhe was from Italy and took over countries like japan and Austria

Who did Italy try to take over in 1896?

italy tried to take over all of Europe

Why are Italy and Albania at war in 2008?

it happened in 1924 and 1939 because Italy wanted to take over Albania. But in 2008 in Albania there was a rebellion and the Albanians seeked help from the Italian government. So Italy sent troops to Albania.

When did rome take over Italy?

rome took over Italy in 2035!

What country did Italy take over?

Italy took over the African country, Ethiopia.

Did Mussolini take over Italy?

Yes Benito Mussolini took over Italy during WW2

What lands did the nazi take over?

most of russia and France

When did Italy take over Libya?


Who did Germany Take Over In 1939?

austria...................(anschluss) or annexed

When did Hitler take over Poland?

September 1, 1939

What year did Hitler officially take over Poland?


When did axis take power over Poland?

September 1939

What countries did Germany take over in 1939?

Germany took over Poland in 1939 at Warsaw. They also took over the Czech region of Sudetenland. They took over Austria also.

What European country did Italy take over?


What African country did Italy take over?


How did the Romans take control over Italy?

the etruscans

What country's did the pirates take over?

they took over britan and england and italy

What year did German and Soviet troops take over Poland?

In 1939.

When did hitler and the nazis take over poland?

1 Sept 1939

What lands did Julius Caesar take over?

Gaul.. ya dig dig??

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