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What language did the Cherokee tribe speak?

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The Cherokee Indians speak one of 23 dialects of Tsalagi (Jah-sala-Ge, Jah-la-gee, Cha-la-gee, or Cha-la-g) a derivative of Irquoian ( ear-o-coy).

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What language is spoken by Cherokee Indians?

The Cherokee Indians speak English. However, there is also a Cherokee Language that many of them also speak.

What do Africas speak?

Africans dont have a specific language because its a continent not a country .Therefore, if you speak the language of your tribe. For an example, if your from Ghana , then you have a specific tribe and you speak the language of that tribe.

What was the Indian tribe that had a written language?


What is Yoruba's language?

Yoruba is a tribe, but it is also a language. Not all people from the Yoruba tribe speak Yoruba as a language, and not all people that speak Yoruba are from the Yoruba tribe. For example, some from Akwa-ibom, Bendel, Delta, or Rivers tribe speak Yoruba. But most from the Yoruba tribe speak Yoruba, or Pidgin English.

Why were the Cherokee Indians considered civilized?

The Cherokee had a spoken and written language. The tribe even published "books" or pamphlets in their language.

Who were the first Indian tribe to have our own written language?


Who Developed an 86-symbol language for his Cherokee tribe?


What Native American tribe developed a written language?

The Cherokee Tribe The Maya created a written language much earlier than the Cherokees.

What makes the Cherokee tribe unique from the other tribes?

I think the Cherokee tribe is unique from the other tribes was that they spoke different language. Also, that the ABC was born there.

What languages did the tuscarora tribe speak?

They speak Skarure, the Tuscarora language is Skarure.

Language of the bani khalid tribe?

They speak arabic.

In what language does mulga mean princess?

Mulga means princess in Cherokee language. The Cherokee are a Native American Indian tribe in the Midwestern part of the United States.

What language did the nez perce tribe speak?

The Nez Perce tribe speak what's simply called the Nez Perce language. With only about 200 native speakers, it's considered an endangered language.

Did the Seminole tribe speak any language that the Sioux tribe does also?

Both speak English now as well as their native tongues.

What does sacagawea speak?

Sacagawea speaks the Shoshone language. (her native American tribe language)

What language did the Monacan tribe speak in Va?


What is the meaning of a wolf to the Cherokee Indians?

Waya, the Tsalagi (Cherokee language) word for wolf, means teacher, guide, and pathfinder in the Cherokee tribe (simply put).

What tribe did Sequoyah belong to?

i think the answer is Cherokee tribe

What did the Cherokee tribe speak?

According to what I've learned, the Cherokee spoke a language that called "tsalagi" (I think it's pronounced something like: "jah-lah-gee". I think the "G" in this word is pronounced something between a hard "G" in English and the English "K". I'm a total beginner as far as understanding the language, but that's something I know from various resources online). I'm not sure if there's an accurate English name for the language, but when I was looking for the Cherokee Language, I referred to the language as "Cherokee" before I knew their name for their own language. Hope this helped.

What tribes are alike to the pequot tribe?

the Mohegans are a very alike tribe. The Pequots even speak their language.

Did the Southwest tribes speak English?

No. Each tribe had its own language.

Is the karuk Indian tribe related to the Cherokee tribe?

The Karok of Californian speak a language classed as "Hokan", like the Chumash, Yahi, Yana and other small California groups. They have no connection of any kind with the Cherokees of the south east, who are classed as Iroquoian.

What does the word Cherokee mean in Creek language?

It comes from the word, "Tsalagi," which is in the Creek alphabet. The Anglicized version is "Chelokee," or "Cherokee," which means "people who speak another language.

What is the language of the pitjantjatjara tribe?

The Pitjantjatjara people speak:Pitjantjatjara (a dialect of Wati, also called Western Desert Language)EnglishAbout 75% of Pitjantjatjara people speak Pitjantjatjara, and unlike most indigenous peoples, the majority of pitjantjatjara speakers do NOT speak English.

What Language did the jumanos speak?

The Jumano people speak a Tanoan language, that came from Aztec roots. The Jumanos were a tribe living in Texas that are now extinct.

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