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The Cherokee Indians speak English. However, there is also a Cherokee Language that many of them also speak.

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Q: What language is spoken by Cherokee Indians?
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Why were the Cherokee Indians considered civilized?

The Cherokee had a spoken and written language. The tribe even published "books" or pamphlets in their language.

What is the only southerern iroquoian language spoken?

The only southern Iroquoian language spoken is Cherokee.

Cherokee Indians language?


Which American Indian language was spoken in Appalachian Plateau?

i think it is cherokee.

In what country is the language Aymara spoken?

Aymara is a language spoken by the Aymara Indians of the Andes Mountains in South America. The language is spoken in Bolivia, Peru, and Chile.

What are facts about Cherokee?

The first Indians with a written language.

What is the language spoken in the Georgia's first tribe the Cherokee Indians?

Actually the language spoken by the Cherokee is "Tsalagi"(Jah-Sa-LaGe). There are at least 23 different dialects of Tsalagi spoken, some so different that the speaker of one cannot understand another, and these different dialects can change from clan to clan. Tsalagi remains the commonly spoken root by most Cherokee. Some of the words and phrases of Cherokee appear to be Hebraic in origin as are some of the religious concepts. However since there is no concrete evidence for such a claim, it remains simply speculation.

What languages were spoken by Natchez Indians?

The Natchez Indians spoke the Natchez language, which is a language isolate, meaning that there were no other closely related languages spoken. The Natchez never called it "Natchez", but rather we:Lhaki:sa or 'the language'.

What is the Cherokee word for luck?

Cherokee is a language spoken by some of the indigenous people of America. Their word for luck is A da s nv.

How do you spell and say the name Mamie in Cherokee language?

It is not a Tsalagi (Cherokee) word so it is said the same way it is spoken in English.

What languages are spoken by Kuna Indians?

The speak the Kuna language, Spanish, and English

What languages are spoken by Makah Indians?

The Makah people Speak:Englishqʷi·qʷi·diččaq, called "the Makah Language" in English.The Makah language is only spoken as a second language, but a revival plan is underway.

What is the meaning of a wolf to the Cherokee Indians?

Waya, the Tsalagi (Cherokee language) word for wolf, means teacher, guide, and pathfinder in the Cherokee tribe (simply put).

How do Cherokee Indians communicate?

Through one of 23 dialects of the spoken language known as Tsalagi, and or through a set of basic sign languages used by a great proportion of native Americans for communications outside the tribe.

What did the Mohave speak?

The Mohave Indians speak Yuman as their native language. This is a language that is being spoken by a lot of Southwestern tribes.

What language groups are spoken by the Eastern Woodlands Indians?

Algonquian and Iroquoian are the two language groups that dominated the Eastern Woodlands

Why were Cherokee Indians given land?

How did the cherokee indians get land

What languages were spoken by Lenape Indians?

The Lenape spoke Lenape Languagealso known as Unami.

Are Mississippian Indians called Cherokee Indians?

Cherokee Indians are found in Mississippi; and they are sometimes referred to as Mississippi Indians.

What did the Cherokee Indians use for medicine?

What did the Cherokee Indians use for medicine?

Did Cherokee Indians live in tepees?

Cherokee Indians lived in Wickiups

Where did the Cherokee Indians first settle?

where did the Cherokee Indians first live

Did the Cherokee Indians Farm hunt or fish?

The Cherokee Indians farmed.

What languages are spoken by Natchez Indians?

People of Natchez Indian ancestry living today, if they speak a language other than English, speak Creek (Muskogee) or Cherokee. The last speaker of the Natchez language, Watt Sam, who died in 1965, not only spoke both Creek and Cherokee (and was literate in both languages), but some English, Chickasaw, and Delaware (Lenape) as well.

What were the Cherokee Indians resources?

What were the Cherokee Indians resources? it was eating and selling things