What languages are spoken in Niger?

Yes, French is the official language of Niger.
The official language is French. Others are Arabic, Buduma. Fulfulde, Hausa, Kanuri, Zarma, Songhai, Tamasheq, Tassawaq, Tebu and Gourmanchema
There are a few official languages in the country of Niger. Some of these languages include Hausa, Fulfulde, and Kanuri.
The official language of Niger is French, Hausa, and Djerma are also languages spoken in Niger.
Yes, French is the official language of Niger.
Hausa , Igbo and Yoruba
Officially: French Also: Fulfulde, Gulmancema, Hausa, Kanuri, Tamasheq, and Zarma in alphabetical order.
The 1 official language of Niger is French, but only about 20% of the people there can speak it. In some cities, the number is as high as 47%.

Hausa is the most common language, spoken by about 50% of the population.

Here is a list of languages considered to be national languages:
  1. Arabic
  2. Buduma
  3. Fulfulde
  4. Gourmanchéma
  5. Hausa
  6. Kanuri
  7. Zarma & Songhai
  8. Tamasheq
  9. Tassawaq
  10. Tebu

Here is a list of all 21 languages of Niger (though some of these languages are so closely related, they're considered dialects):
  1. American Sign Language*
  2. Arabic, Algerian Saharan Spoken
  3. Arabic, Hassaniyya
  4. Arabic, Libyan Spoken
  5. Arabic, Shuwa
  6. Dazaga
  7. French
  8. Fulfulde, Central-Eastern Niger
  9. Fulfulde, Western Niger
  10. Gourmanchéma
  11. Hausa
  12. Kanuri, Bilma
  13. Kanuri, Central
  14. Kanuri, Manga
  15. Kanuri, Tumari
  16. Tagdal
  17. Tamahaq, Tahaggart
  18. Tamajaq, Tawallammat
  19. Tamajeq, Tayart
  20. Tasawaq
  21. Tedaga
  22. Zarma

*American Sign Language is the most widely used Sign language in Niger, but most deaf people use only their local village sign languages, which are unstudied and not standardized (people of different villages cannot sign to each other).
Yes, French is the official language of Niger.