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Q: What languages were spoken in colonial Georgia USA?
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What languages are spoken in Georgia USA?

If you meant the country of Georgia, click here._______________________________________The 1 official language of the U.S. state of Georgia is English, spoken by more than 87% of the population.Here is a list of the most widely spoken languages in Georgia (with approximate percentages of speakers:English, 87%Spanish, 7%Korean, 0.5%Vietnamese, 0.4%French, 0.4%Chinese (all dialects), 0.38%German, 0.3%Hindi, 0.2%Niger-Congo languages of West Africa, 0.2%Gujarati, 0.18%

What are the main spoken languages in the US?

The main offical language spoken in the usa is English

What languages are spoken in Arkansas USA?

The most widely spoken Language in Arkansas is English.

How many Tlinget's languages?

There are about 140 Tlingit language's.They are all spoken in USA or Canada.

What is the City of many voices?

Jacksonville, Florida. An analysis of USA census information indicates 72 different languages are spoken in metropolitan Jacksonville. Miami, Florida claims 79 languages spoken in that city.

Why do United States people speak European languages?

European languages are spoken all over the world, not only in the USA. USA Tourists should learn European languages in order to visit France, Italy, Germany...and to get inside of Europeans customs and culture.

What languages are spoken in Manchester England?

The most widely spoken language in Manchester England is English.The most common immigrant languages include:UrduChinese dialectsPolishNigerian languagesIndian languagesSomaliArabicYiddish

What is bigger Georgia state or the country of Georgia?

Georgia state usa

When was Georgia Me born?

Georgia Me was born in 1975, in Atlanta, Georgia, USA.

What does national language mean?

Each nation tends to use either one language, or in some cases two or three languages, more often than the other hundreds of languages which are spoken in our world. Any language can be spoken in any country, but some languages would be rare, and some would be usual. In the USA it is usual to speak English (with Spanish as a rapidly rising alternative). In Canada it is usual to speak either English or French. In Mexico it is usual to speak Spanish. Those are the national languages of those nations.

When was Georgia Sothern born?

Georgia Sothern was born in 1909, in Atlanta, Georgia, USA.

Does Georgia border the ocean?

Georgia (USA) borders the Atlantic.

Is Georgia tropical?

yes georgia(usa) is considered to be tropical.

What is the third language spoken in the USA?


What languages are spoken in the Orthodox Church?

There is no official language or 'holy' language in the Orthodox Church. The language spoken in each church depends on the language spoken by the majority of the congregation. For example, in Greece it is mainly Greek, in Russia it is mainly Russian, and in the USA it is mainly English. If your parish speaks a language you do not understand, you should find another parish where you can speak that language.

What languages are spoken in Oregon USA?

Mainly English and Spanish, but I've seen people who speak French, Mandarin, and Russian too. But I used to live there and I speak Deutsch, so it really all depends on where you are

What is time difference between Georgia and California?

Georgia, USA is 3 hours ahead of California, USA

When was Georgia Southe born?

Georgia Southe was born on August 27, 1980, in Georgia, USA.

In what Region is Georgia located?

There is the state of Georgia which is in USA and the country which is in Asia.

What ocean is Georgia USA bordered by?

Georgia is bordered by the Atlantic Ocean.

How many square kilometers is Georgia?

Georgia, USA is 169,639 km2

Can Orion be seen from Georgia?

Orion is visible in Georgia (USA) in the winter.

What are the release dates for The Colonial Effect - 2015?

The Colonial Effect - 2015 was released on: USA: 2015

What language should be spoken in a nail salon in the USA?

English should be spoken if the patrons are English speaking.

When was Spoken Reasons born?

Spoken Reasons was born on December 19, 1988, in Bradenton, Florida, USA.