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Q: What larva can be eaten by humans and how to make your own larva farm.?
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In Animal Farm does Mollie make contact with humans?

Yes, Mollie does make contact with humans. Clover catches her, on the edge of the farm. A human being on the neighboring farm is feeding her sugar, and stroking her snout.

What is the significance in the book Animal Farm when the name changes back to Manor Farm from Animal Farm?

the significance is that because the pigs have changed into humans the title for them is to make the farm under humans rules again so the title animal farm is no longer significant if the animals are no longer ruling it.

How do you make magma larva?

There is no such thing as magma larva

When humans chased from farm what do animals do?

Make a plan to take it back.

Can cow manure kill humans?

Yes, it can kill you but it is not likely. If eaten it can make you extremely sick.

What part of the shark is eaten by humans?

the fin usually its some times used to make soup

How do hexbug larva move?

There are two wheels. They turn alternately and make the hexbug larva slither

What are seahorses eaten by?

Seahorses are food for different crustaceans, as well as fish. Their biggest threat is humans, who use them to make medicine.

What are Cocoa Beans eaten by?

Used to make cocoa drinks until they got to Europe long ago when it was discovered how to make them into chocolate bars. The easiest answer is 'humans' but it seems the chemicals in cocoa and coffee beans are there to prevent being eaten by many animals, so that the beans could seed. However, due to their action in humans, humans have chosen to spread them much further than they would have otherwise, most likely.

How many bees make honey that is eaten by humans?

We only collect honey from honey bees, and there are seven species of honey bee worldwide.

How can you make fake larva for school?

Grains of rice

Humans are able to manufacture all of the amino acids necessary to make proteins?

No - there are 8 essential amino-acids - ones that must be eaten/drunk.

Why are humans dependent on photosynthesis?

well, first off, plants go through the process of photosynthesis. Humans eat plants. Or, humans eat animals (meat) which have either eaten plants themselves or eaten things that have eaten plants. Without food, we cannot get the necessacary amount of calories needed to survive. So, we depend on photosynthesis so that the things we eat will have somting to eat so that they stay alive. I do not mid if you "borrow" my explination, though if you do, make sure you get what you're talking about. Katie <3 :)

Will raw pork make dogs sick if eaten?

With any raw meat fed to dogs, you are taking a large risk. They can get sick from it just like humans can.

Can mushrooms make dogs sick?

It depends on what kind. Most mushrooms are, however, poisionous (to dogs and humans) if your dog has eaten a mushroom out of your yard, you should see a vet immediatly.It depends on what kind. Most mushrooms are, however, poisionous (to dogs and humans) if your dog has eaten a mushroom out of your yard, you should see a vet immediatly.sometimes

Main events of Animal Farm?

The animals kick out the humans and the leader (a pig) makes rules to make them equal. The rest u will have to watch the movie to find out.

What is a baby bee call?

They don't have one. A bee's egg hatches into a larva which doesn't make any sounds. The larva pupates then an adult bee emerges from the pupal cell.

How To Make A Worm Farm?

put them into a animal farm.

How you make cows farm business?

Well cows can be used for dairy to make a farm busness

What are five examples of how to make the word eat more powerful?

eating,ate,am eating,eaten,had eaten

What eats a person?

Many things eat people, such as sharks, crocodiles, alligators, even some fish. Humans are at the top of the food chain, however that does not make them invulnerable. A human can even be eaten by an ant.

What is the quickest way to make money in Resident Evil 5?

Farm farm farm 3-1

How do you spawn in farm in minecraft?

You can't spawn in a farm. You make one.

What does Hillshire Farm make?

Hillshire Farm makes smoked sausage

What farm animal makes the most money?

None, since they do not get or have a job to make money like humans do. Making income or profits as far as money is concerned is a human trait, not a farm animal trait. But as far as raising and selling animals is concerned in order for the producer to make money, chickens is the farm animal that generates the most income for farmers. However, a purebred beef breeding herd can generate more income than a chicken farm because purebred beef animals can sell for quite a bit.