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== == That was The Fugitive Slave Act.

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Q: What law did the Southerners demanded that Congress pass that said Northerners had to return runaway slaves to their owners?
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How did many northerners support runaway slaves?

Many northerners were a part of the underground railroad or even gave runaway slaves a place to live.

What part of the compromise of 1850 pleased Northerners the most and which part pleased Southerners the most?

Northerners were most pleased that California was admitted as a free state. The south was pleased that the fugitive slave act REQUIRED assistance in capturing runaway slaves or face imprisonment.

Who was the required Northerners to return runaway slaves?

harrit tubman

What act required northerners to capture runaway slaves?

The Fugitive Slave Law.

Why was the issue of allowing slavery in the territories important to the north and the south?

The issue of slavery was important to northerners because that meant they could catch runaway laves and they could get a reward for it. it was also important for the southerners because that meant that the money they spent on them was a partial waste.

What did southerners believe gave them the right to retrieve runaway slaves?

Its because in 1850 congress passed the Fugative Slave Act, which stated that all slave owners had the right to retrieve run away slaves.

Why did runaway slave have to make it all the way to Canada?

Because under the new Fugitive Slave Act, Northerners were under pressure to report anyone who looked like a runaway.

Why did many northerners object the fugitive slave law?

It required northerners to help recapture runaway slaves which was disliked either on moral grounds as it was for abolitionists but also in some reasons of fear of a Slave Power Conspiracy with the Southern Slaves States holding greater power over Congress than the North, many northerners in the mid 1800s believed many of the politicians in power were under the thumb of Southerners. This act in particular placed fines on people who would not cooperate and jail terms on people who helped fugitives escape. Also, southern slave catchers (aka federal marshals) roamed the North, sometimes capturing free African Americans with little regard for if they were free or fugitive slaves.

What statement best describes the position of most Northerners toward slavery?

Some states passed personal liberty laws for runaway slaves.

How did the south view the fugitive slave act?

The south supported it because it required northerners to return any runaway slaves to their masters in the south.

Why did many northerns oppose the fugitive slave act and why did most white southerners support it?

many northerners opposed the fugitive slave act because it forced regular citizens to help capture runaway slaves whether they wanted to or not. most white southerners supported it because they considered the slaves to be property. :Dp.s. i tried to find the answer to this question on this website then i actually looked in my text book and found it.! so i decided to share my answer with everyone! NO PROBLEM! :)

Why did northerners not like the fugitive slave act?

Because it forced regular citizens to help capture runaway slaves, whether they wanted to or even agreed with slavery or not.

Which action by congress required Americans to return runaway slaves to their owner?

the fugitive slave law

Why did Northerners oppose the Fugitive Slave Act?

Northerners opposed the Fugitive Slacve law because they were against slavery, so they didn't want to help capture runaway slaves because they thought that if they had got away, then leave them alone. Besides it would make slavery worse in a way.

What were the inpacts of Uncle Tom's Cabin?

It recruited many more Northerners to the Abolitionist cause, and inspired the Underground Railroad - the system of safe-houses by which runaway slaves were smuggled into Canada.

In what way did the Compromise of 1850 appease the south?

By passing the Fugitive Slave Act, which forced Northerners to report anyone who looked like a runaway slave. The Northern public greatly resented this.

What action by Congress required Americans to return runaway slaves to their owners?

The Fugitive Slave Act of 1850 required Americans to return runaway slaves to their owners.

How would you say eliza's agony differed from uncle toms?

Her son got sold by someone.

Fugitive slave act positive effects?

A law made by Congress in 1793 to give the return of runaway slaves back to their owners.

What were the southerners veiws on the fugitive slave act?

The Fugitive Slave Act forced those who lived in northern states or any who supported abolition, to send runaway slaves back to their owners in an effort to maintain peace between the north and south. So the view of the southerners was that the act MUST be enforced and their slaves returned to them.

Why was the question of whether or not to allow slavery in the US territories such an important issue for Northerners and Southerners?

Well the north thought all men were created equal but, the south thought god put some on the Earth to rule others. The north disagreed with the south and the south disagreed with the north. But some people in the south agreed with the north they were called Quakers they were a religious group. They would help runaway slaves like the famous Harriet Tubman. The south got angry with the north because they helped runaway slaves. So the South's money was disappearing because they viewed slave as property they paid for instead of the people that they were.

What did the fugitive slave act have effect on northerners?

They didn't like it. It had been brought in as a necessary 'macho' gesture to appease the South for the introduction of California as free soil. It went too far altogether - requiring the public to report anyone who looked as though they might be a runaway, on pain of heavy fines. It caused many Northerners who had been neutral on slavery to join the Abolitionist movement.

Why was Uncle Tom's Cabin so important in the North?

It was so popular in the North because it showed the evils of slavery and the injustices of the fugitive slave law which made northerners "participate" in slavery by sending runaway slaves back to the south.

What is the reverse of 'runaway'?


How did the fugitive slave act cause more divisions between the north and south?

The law made it a federal crime to aid runaway slaves and allowed the arrest of escaped slaves. Many northerners openly broke the law, angering slaveholders.