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What laws did arthur st clair make in 1788 for the northwest territory?

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Q: What laws did arthur st Clair make in 1788 for the northwest territory?
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Which type of setteler would have been more likely to move to the northwest territory in 1788 a small farmer or a large plantation owner from South Carolina Why?

The small farmer from New Jersey is more likely to have moved to the Northwest Territory, simply because of geography.

What was Cincinnati old name?

Cincinnati was founded in 1788 as Losantiville. The name loosely means "City across from Licking river". In 1790, Arthur St. Clair, the governor of the Northwest Territory, changed the name of the settlement to "Cincinnati" in honor of the Society of the Cincinnati, of which he was a member. The society honored General George Washington, who was considered a latter day Cincinnatus, the Roman farmer who was called to serve Rome as dictator, an office which he resigned after completing his task of defeating the Aequians.

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