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The exosphere is the layer of the atmosphere 500km above Earth. It basically marks the end of Earth's atmosphere. There are very few air molecules in the exosphere.

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Q: What layer of the atmosphere begins at about 500km above earth?
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What layer is found at 500km above the earth' s surface?

The Thermosphere is the fourth layer of the Earth's Atmosphere. It starts at approximately 90 km above the earth and continues up to 500 km. The Exosphere is the uppermost layer of the Earth's atmosphere. It starts at about 500-1000 km above the earth and continues up to 10000 km.

Are the five layers of the atmosphere in earth or out of earth?

The atmosphere is above the earth.

Is the mesosphere below or above the earth?

its above the earth. it is one of the layers of the atmosphere.

Where is the atmosphere found?

Above the earth.

Does the atmosphere above rotates when the Earth rotates itself?

Yes, the atmosphere as a whole moves with the Earth.

Why is the atmosphere above the surface of the earth?

Where else would it be? The atmosphere is a compilation of gasses held to the Earth by gravity.

Why does satellites orbit Earth at least 150 km above the surface?

its above the atmosphere. if its in the atmosphere then it will slow the satellite down causing it to come down to earth

How high above earth does the atmosphere reach?


What is a layer above the earth used for protection?

The atmosphere.

How long does it take to get to space?

According to NASA, space begins about 100 km above the surface of the earth, where the atmosphere is considered to be null. The space shuttle takes about 8 minutes.

What is the highest layer of atmosphere above the earth called?

The layer above the Lithosphere is the Asthenosphere!

Which atmosphere is located between 17 kilometers and 35 kilometers above Earth'?

The Stratosphere is at 17km to 35km above Earth

Is nitrogen over water?

The atmosphere is mostly nitrogen. The atmosphere is above most of the water on Earth.

What layer of the atmosphere is sixty kilometers above the earth?


What layer of the atmosphere extends 85km above Earth?

it is the stratosphere

How far is the sky from earth?

The sky is the Earth's atmosphere.It is not above you, you are in it.

Which layer of the atmosphere is closest to earth?

The layer of the atmosphere closest to Earth is the troposphere. It extends up to about 30,000 feet above the Earth's surface.

How far above earth does space begin?

Space begins approximately 62 miles above the Earth; an area known as the Karman Line.

Why is it important that such a satellite be above earth atmosphere?

you would have to use power to overcome air resistance in atmosphere

Why does the atmosphere of the Earth float above the planet's surface?

Because it just does.

What layer of the earths atmosphere extends 17km above the earth?


Where is atmosphere located?

The atmosphere is located right above Earth. Or the circle around Earth that protects it from all different kinds of things. And makes life on Earth suitable for living.

How can you tell where one layer ends and another begins in the atmosphere?

It is mainly determined by the pressure and composition of the atmosphere as well as how far away from the earth it is.

How much is 1 atmosphere?

the atmosphere around us is troposphere in which we live and it is present upto 20km above earth..

What orbit high above earth and use instruments to gather data from the upper atmosphere?

it takes in heat from the atmosphere