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the layer of the earth resposible for the earths magnetic field is the core which consists of the liquid core/outer core and the solid core/inner core. The outer core constitutes mainly of nickel, colbalt and iron. in the ouer core there are convectional currents and from physics we have that when a magnetic conductor is subjected to a veloctiy a voltage is created and this voltage leads to an electric current and this leads to a magnetic charge being generated. this leads to magnetism of the earth.

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Which layer of Earth is responsible for the planet's magnetism?

it is the outer core because it was on study island

Name the layer of earth which is responsible for its magnetism?

The liquid portion of the barysphere, ie, the outer core.

The layer that surrounds the earth?

Earths surrounding layer is called the, ATMOSPHERE.

What is the thinest layer of earths layers?

The crust is the thinnest layer of the earth

Is the Earths mantle is the outermost and thinnest layer of the Earth?

It is the second layer in and it is the thickest.

What is the liquid layer of the Earths called?

the liquid layer of the earth is called the mantle.

What is the uppermost layer of the earth?

The exosphere is the upper most layer of earths atmosphere. The lithosphere or crust is the outermost layer of the solid Earth.

What layer of the earth has the most aluminum?

Virtually all of earths aluminum ore is in the top layer of the earth, the crust.

What is the name of the layer that earth is on?

The top layer that people walk on is called the earths crust.

Outermost layer of the earth that makes up the earth's landmasses?

outermost layer of the earth that makes up the earths landmasses

What is the thickness of an earth layer?

the crust is the thickness of earths layers

What is the ozone layer responsible for screening out?

The ozone layer is responsible for screening out UV rays. These are fatal for life on earth.

The earths hot layer?

The hottest layer of the Earth is the core, with diminishing temperatures with procession to the surface.

Where is the earths protective ozone layer located?

The protective layer of earth i.e. the ozone layer is present in the stratospheric region of the earth. It protects the earth from the harmful UV radiations of the sun.

Which layer of earth makes up most of earths mass?

the mantle is the largest part of the earths core..

Which layer of the earth is nearest to the surface?

the earths crust is the nearest to the surface

What are Earth's three layers?

The Earths three layers are : Crust - the first layer of the earth Mantle - the second layer of the earth which is closest to the core. Core - the hottest and inner most layer of the earth.

Thick rock layer of earths core?

mantle is the thick layer before you reach the core of the earth

What is the layer of the atmosphere closest to the earth is called?

the troposphere is the nearest layer of the atmosphere close to earths surface

What is a danger to humans if the ozone layer is destroyed?

we die because of the solar radiation, right now the ozone and the earths magnetism protects us

Which layer of the earths atmosphere protects the earth from thee ultra violet radiations of the sun?

The ozone layer protects the earth. It is a pool of ozone molecules.

What effects do earths magnetic field and the ozone layer have on earth?

The ozone layer keeps the magnet from going out of control by the power of the earths inner magnet. Without this layer compasses would be no use to us.

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