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Hideki Tojo and six others were the leaders of imperial Japan that were hanged as war criminals after the World War 2.

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Q: What leaders of Imperial Japan were hung as war criminals after World War 2?
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Was Japan apart from British rule?

Japan was under the Imperial Kingdom of Japan. It was ruled by military leaders, government leaders and there was an Emperor. The Emperor was Hirohito during World War 2. They were not under British rule. The Brits and the Americans were Japans enemies then. Now they are not enemies.

What were some effects of the leaders of japan in World War 2?

what were effects of the leaders for japan

Who was the leader of Japan during World War I?

Japan had two leaders during World War 1. From 16 April 1914

Who was the military leaders in japan in World War 2?


Who was the leaders over japan in world war 2?

Hidoki Tojo

What resources did the US take away from the Japanese and why?

The US demilitarized and democratized Japan during the occupation of said country after its defeat in World War II. All military leaders from the imperial armed forces were stripped of public office and other positions of influence. There was also a ban on the rearmament of Japan in the Japanese constitution.

What was the political system in japan before world war 2?

Japan was an imperial state, with an emperor that was thought of as a god. Mainly it was a Military Dictatorship.

How come world war 2 finish?

Because Nazi Germany and Imperial Japan were defeated.

Was Korea an axis power during world war 2?

Yes. During that time Korea was under Japan's control and was part of the Imperial Japan.

The US fault who in the World War 2?

The Nazis and the military leaders of Japan.

Was Imperial Japan a sexually repressed culture throughout the 1930s and during World War 2?


What was the name of Japan's military force during World War 2?

Imperial Japanese Army and Navy

Who was the leaders of Italy and japan in world war 2?

Benito Mussolini and Emperor Hirohito

Who were the leaders in Italy Germany and japan in World War 2?

Mussolini, Hitler, Tojo

Why was Japan in the war?

Japan was in the Russo-Japanese War, the Boxer Rebellion, two Sino-Japanese Wars, World War 1, and World War 2. In all cases the goal was imperial expansion.

What happened to axis leaders as world war 2 became to an end?

Most committed suicide and the rest were tried as war criminals and some were hung

What did the world war 2 US involvement?

The US fought Nazi Germany in Europe and Imperial Japan in the Pacific.

What are the four Axis powers of the World War 2?

Nazi Germany, Italy, Imperial Japan and Emu land

Which countries were enemies during World War 2?

Nazi Germany, Italy, Imperial Japan, The Axis Powers

List all of the Axis nations in World War 2?

Imperial Japan, Nazi Germany, and Facist Italy.

Who were the leaders of the major Axis powers during World War 2?

Tojo of Japan, Hitler of Germany, and Mussolini of Italy and Oshima of Japan

Who were the leaders of germany italy and japan during World War 2?

Hitler, Mussolini and Tojo.

Who were leaders of gemany italyand japan during world war 2?

Hitler - Mussolini - Hirohito .

What was war plan imperial?

The imperial war basically tried to make Japan the center of the world. The war itself was trying to expand the Japanese influence, culture and power throughout the world. However, it failed because the US intervened this process.

Does japan give or receive economic aid?

Japan gives economic aid. Actually, they are one of the world's leaders in giving aid to foreign countries.