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What leads to high blood pressure?

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Stress, fatty foods, lack of exercise :)

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Causes of heart diseases?

High cholesterol which leads to high blood pressure which leads to blood clots which leads to blocked arteries which leads to some dreaded heart disease!

Is it bad to have a high blood pressure when you are 12 and weigh 95 pounds?

It is bad to have high blood pressure at any age, at any weight. High blood pressure in childhood leads to worse cases of high blood pressure in adulthood also.

Why salt leads problem to blood pressure?

High colesterol

Does gastric problem leads to high blood pressure?


Of what significance to human health is aldosterone?

Its overproduction leads to retention of salt and loss of potassium, which leads to hypertension (high blood pressure).

Why are people worried about high salt levels in food?

Eating too much salt causes high blood pressure. High blood pressure leads to heart attacks. Heart attacks lead to death.

High air pressure leads to what weather?

High pressure usually leads to clam, clear weather.

Can high blood pressure leads to cholesterol?

High blood pressure can increase the likeliness that initial lesions will form on arteries.Its at those lesion location where cholesterol can build up deposits narrowing arteries.

Why does arteriosclerosis lead to hypertension?

Arteriosclerosis leads to hypertension because of the pressure forces of blood pushing against the wall of arteries. In this case it causes high blood pressure.

Why is hypertension called the silent killer?

Hypertension (high blood pressure) leads to heart attacks, strokes and aneurysms. The person suffering these things can not "feel" the high blood pressure causing them - it is painless and therefore "silent".

Is 157 over 86 a good blood pressure for a 43 year old female?

No. This is too high. Seek treatment. High blood pressure left untreated leads to kidney failure and heart failure.

How can carbon monoxide increase blood pressure?

Carbon Monoxide increases blood pressure when it is breathed in it sticks to the blood cells, meaning oxygen cant stick to it. This then leads to less oxygen being transported round the body, leading to high blood pressure.

What is the difference between high blood pressure and hypertension BTW high blood pressure?

High Blood Pressure and Hypertension are the same thing

What is classed as high or low blood pressure?

High blood pressure=a systolic blood pressure of 140 and over Low blood pressure=a systolic blood pressure of 100 and lower

Could high blood pressure cause high blood protein?

high blood pressure can affect the kidneys

Why do we have blood pressure?

We have high blood pressure to notify when our blood pressure is high or low.This is very important to have if we didn't have blood pressure we wouldn't have been living.

What does heart-rate have to do with blood pressure?

An increase in heart rate leads to an increase in blood pressure.

Is Hypo tension the same as high blood pressure?

No, high blood pressure is hypertension. Low blood pressure is hypotension.

Can constipation cause high blood pressure?

It doesn't cause high blood pressure. However, it can increase your blood pressure.

What is consider high blood pressure?

Average blood pressure is 120/80. The higher, the worse your high blood pressure is.

Can a concussion cause high blood pressure?

No, high blood pressure is caused by stress. A fight would give u high blood pressure

Purpose of taking blood pressure?

To make sure you have good blood pressure and to determine whether you have high blood pressure. 120/80 is ideal. If your blood pressure is high you may need medication. A low blood pressure means the blood volume in the body is low. Low blood pressure is as dangerous as high blood pressure.

How can get high blood perssure?

High blood pressure can be an inherited problem Being overweight can also lead to high blood pressure Certain disease such as diabetes can also lead to high blood pressure

Can mold cause high blood pressure?

mold can cause high blood pressure

High blood pressure and migraines?

Yes, migraines can be caused by high blood pressure.

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