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General Bernard Montgomery turned this shortage to their advantage. In the fall of 1942 Montgomery pushed Rommel's troops steadily westward out of Egypt and into Libya. The British victory in the Battle of El Alamein helped turn the corner for the Allies in North Africa.

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The British used their new defensive tool to fight Germany

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Q: What led to the Allied victory in North Africa?
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Who led British forces to victory in North Africa?

Bernard Montgomery

What led british forces to victory in north Africa?

Notably , Bernard Montgomery .

Who led the allied forces to victory?

Eisenhower .

What led to allied victory in Europe?


What event changed to course of the war in Europe and led to allied victory?

The Normandy invasion of France changed the course of the war in Europe and led to the Allied victory.

What allied weapon led to victory in Battle of the Atlantic?

subarines warfare

Which president led the allied invasion of North Africa and the D-Day invasion of France?

general Dwight david eisenhower

In which country did General Bernard Montgomery lead the British to victory?

Montgomery led the British forces to victory in North Africa, finally defeating the Afrika Korps.

What year did General Montgomery lead the Allies to a victory over the Axis troops in North Africa?

Lieutenant-General Bernard Montgomery led the Allies to victory over the Axis troops in North Africa in 1943. The North African Campaign during World War 2 lasted from 1940 to 1943.

What major victory happened in North Africa during World War 2?

The Battle of El Alemein when the British Eighth Army, led by Montgomery, forced the German Afrika Corps, led by Rommel, to withdraw. This battle was the turning point of the North Africa Campaign.

Who was the supreme allied commander who led the all the allies to victory in Europe?

General Dwight D. Eisenhower

What happen durning the battle of El Alamein?

The Battle of El Alamein was fought in the deserts of North Africa and is considered one of the decisive victories of World War Two. This battle was fought between British General Montgomery and the German's General Rommel. The Allied victory at El Alamein led to the retreat of Hitler's Afrika Korps and the German surrender in North Africa in May 1943.

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