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If this about you, you can be sued.You need to pay the company, or make payment arrangments. This won't go away trust me.

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Q: What legal actions can a credit card company take to collect a 500 dollar debt?
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What is the annual fee for an American Express Gold credit card?

The annual fee for an American Express Gold credit card is $0 for the first year and then $120 for the following years. This fee is explained by the fact that one can collect points for every dollar one spends with the credit card. These points can be used to get gifts from the company.

How much money does it have to be for a credit card company to sue you in the state of South Carolina?

Legally, any amount over a dollar.

How many years dose a dept last?

If you mean debt on your credit report the answer is about seven years from the date the creditor stops reporting it. If it's bad debt, the creditor may report for at least five years actively. Then you have seven years from THAT date until it falls off your file. Realize this: some companies sell of bad debt to third party collection agencies which prolongs the amount of time it will show on your credit file. For example: Capital One issues you a credit card. You charge it and never pay. They report you as a P&L (profit and loss writeoff). They enter that on your file. After a year they sell it off to Company A at 60 cents on the dollar. Company A then attempts to collect the debt. The enter a tradeline on your credit file. Now you have two. Meanwhile, Capital One is still reporting. If Company A cannot collect the debt they too show as a P&L. They sell the account to a clearninghouse at 30 cents on the dollar. The clearinghouse now enters a tradeline on your credit file. Now you have three. Meanwhile as the clearninghouse tries to collect the debt you have three tradelines all reporting derogatory on your credit file. Moral of the story - pay your bills.

How do you pay for stuff in Europe if your from Canada?

If you're buying online and paying by credit card, your credit company will convert to euros for you. the amount charged to you on your statement should show as Canadian dollar.

What is the percent increase. if school tuition increased from 30 dollar per credit to 90 dollar per credit?

This is an increase of 200% per credit.

What does selling debt mean?

A company, usually a collection agency, will buy past due accounts from businesses for pennies on the dollar. They make a profit when they collect on the debts.

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Are Family Dollar and Dollar General the same company?


What is the journal entry to record the sale of a company vehicle by an outside party for the exact dollar amount as the loan on the books?

debit loan accountcredit asset account

1 credit equal how many dollar?


The dollar amount that is paid for the credit?

finance charge

Is tax credit a dollar for dollar reduction of the tax payer'stax liability?

Yes. There are two kinds: refundable and non-refundable. If a non-refundable credit exceeds the taxpayer's liability, the excess credit is lost. If a refundable credit exceeds the taxpayer's liability, the excess is refunded to the taxpayer.

Where can you get a fifty thousand dollar loan with bad credit?

The Casino!!!!!!!

What is The dollar amount you pay to use credit?

Finance Charge

If you have 6 credit card fraud charges but the total charged was under 300 dollars is it still a felony or a misdemeanor?

Credit card fraud implies that it was your credit card company that was defrauded, which would mean that all six offenses were committed against them. In that case it depends on what the dollar amount of a felony offense is in your state.

What company offers the best credit card for travel?

Delta offers an awesome credit card for travel, you can earn miles for every dollar you spend to use towards free flights. You can even get a huge bonus just for opening the credit card, depending on when it ranges from forty thousand to fifty thousand miles.

Should you let mother lien your home for 10000 dollar loan?

Sure, if you default she can collect the balance owed at time of sale or by assuming the first mortgage and selling the home herself (usually not an option.) Have you explored an equity line of credit? Even with low credit scores this this might be a more favorble option.

How is the new 15000 tax credit for homebuyers applied?

how is the new 15000 dollar tax credit for homebuyers applied

Will getting a new credit card with a five thousand dollar line help a low credit score?


If you're 18 and about to start college and you just got a credit card is it good if you have a 9.9 interest rate with a 39 dollar fee to get the card and a 200 hundred dollar credit limit?

No. A credit card is the last thing you need right now.

What cash back rates are available to you on a credit card when making a purchase?

The cash back rates available on a credit card to someone when making a purchase are between 0.5% and 5%. If you spent 100 dollar on your credit card, you will get 5 dollar cashback.

How much money is Skype credit?

Skype credit can be purchased in either $10 or $25 dollar amounts. You can also set it up to add credit when you get low.