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purchase agreement

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Q: What legal papers other than the purchase and sale agreement should be signed between 2 or more parties wishing to buy an investment property together?
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Are shares real property?

Generally, (investment) shares are personal property unless you are referring to shares in real property. If three people own real property together, their shares are real property.

can i get a grant to repair a roof on a investment property?

Reputable roofing contractors like Renco Roofing will meet the adjuster at your property. Any smart company are consultants at handling roofing claims. they'll work with the claims adjuster and walk the roof and property together.

When two people marry do in California does that mean everything they previously owned is now comminty property?

Yes, it is now community property. Unless they put together a pre-nuptial agreement.

Can we Americans pool your money together for future investment?

My question is......can we Americans pool OUR money together for future investment legally?

What money did french move to Kansas?

By "money" I assume you mean the Louisiana Purchase. The whole of Kansas was part of the Louisiana Purchase agreement, together with parts or the totality of 14 other states.

If you purchase property together and own a company together and live together but are not married and there is no will what are my rights and the rights of his children from previous marriage?

If both of your names are on the deed, then you have rights to at least half the property. Depending on the type of agreement (rights of survivorship), you might own it outright. Same as true of the company, if you are named as an owner, you own at least half of it. Unless there is common law marriage in your state, you would be unable to claim anything just because you were living together. The kids would get the estate, you would be entitled to nothing from the estate. There are advantages to marriage! And a will!

An agreement to work together?


What is the Property Investment Opportunity?

Some people work together to make a business better, and grow within a great company. Many individuals are willing to put their savings into something that they believe can be beneficial.

What is the Prayer of Agreement?

The Prayer of Agreement is when two or more Christians gather together in prayer and are in total agreement with each others prayer requests.

What agreement does Atticus make with Scout?

Atticus makes an agreement with Scout that she can't tell Miss Fisher that they are reading together. He says that they can still read together.

What is a spousal waiver for when purchasing a home?

Buying a house together indicates that the house would be marital property. A waiver signed before purchase means that either spouse is relinquishes any claim to the property, should the marriage end.

An agreement to perform together an illegal act?


Agreement of two parties to work together?

alliance, cooperation

What is the meaning of okay cool?

OK expresses agreement, synonymous with yes, and cool expresses approval; together that would be an enthusiastic agreement.

My partner and I own property together. We have children and she is unstable. How do I remove her name from the deed?

You can't "remove" the other owner's name from a deed. They own a half interest in the property if they are a grantee on a deed with you. That person would need to execute a deed that transfers their interest to you voluntarily. You need to make them an offer to buy their interest in the property. When two people purchase real property together they each have an equal right to the use and possession of the property. Since you are not married the property cannot be redistributed by a divorce decree. If you have further questions regarding the situation you should consult with an attorney.

If not living together but still married and not legally separated is property acquired considered community property in a community property state?

Yess, you have the right to the property!!!

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What can you do when your business partner steals property that you bought together?

Get a lawyer.

Every contract is an agreement but not every agreement is a contract?

Contracts are generally written documents binding two or more parties together by law under an agreement. An agreement accomplishes the same task, but isn't necessarily in the form of a document nor does it have to be bound by law.

What is solvent property?

solvent property is basically talking about mixing the soluble and the solute together to get this solvent

What was the relationship between work and property in a Utopian community?

People worked together and shared their property.

Who is responsible for deceased fiances debt when owing a house together?

Since the couple were not married the surviving person is only responsible for joint debts only. The status of the home ownership depends upon how the property is titled and the terms of the mortgage agreement.

Which u.s. president brought together the camp david agreement?

Jimmy Carter

Your man wants kids but you dont what do you do?

Tell him and talk about it together and come to an agreement :)

How do you take a plea agreement back to court?

you have to get to together and file a court paper