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According to sources, James Nachtwey shoots with 2 canon 1D mark 2s.For lenses, he uses a 16-35 and a 50. He uses some others for different kinds of shots.

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What camera does James Nachtwey shoot with?

Canon EOS-1Ds Mark II Canon EOS-1v

When was James Nachtwey born?

James Nachtwey was born in 1948, in Syracuse, New York, USA.

Where was James Nachtwey born?

James Nachtwey was born March 14, 1948 in Syracuse, N.Y., U.S.

What len's does James nachtwey use?

A 16-35 and a 50.

What brands of camera have been used by the portrait photographer James Nachtwey?


What photographer said the strength of a photographer lies in its ability to evoke sense of humality?

James Nachtwey

Who made the statement 'For you the strength of photography lies in its ability to evoke a sense of humanity'?

James Nachtwey.

Can you add a lens to a Sony dsc h300 camera?

No, this is a point & shoot camera and there is no lens mount. The lens is fixed on the camera and cannot be removed.

What lens would you use to shoot a models head outside in overcast weather?

i would rather use a convex lens

Why are single lens reflex cameras are popular with professional photographers?

There are many more functions, such as ability to shoot in RAW format (not present in most point-and-shoots), manual focus, ability to shoot in different lens, etc. Basically, when you shoot with a DSLR, you get a better quality picture.

How does LeBron James shoot a basketball?

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How do you take blurry photos by using Canon SX40 HS?

Do you want a blurry photo, or are you trying to avoid a blurry photo?If you want a blurry photo: (You can)Move the camera as you shootShoot in low lightShoot quickly moving subjectsSet your lens out of focusUse a soft focus filter, or an ND filterPut Vaseline on the lens (Not recommended)If you don't want a blurry photo: (Don't do any of the above)Be careful not to shake or move the camera as you shoot (or use a tripod)Shoot where it is well lit (if possible)Shoot stationary subjects (if possible)Ensure your focus point is on your subject (for auto-focus)Ensure that the lens is cleanThese are some of the basics to consider

What does SLR stands for in photography?

SLR stands for a single lens reflex camera. Unlike a point and shoot camera, you can change lenses and are able to view your subject through the lens.

What is SLR in photogrphy?

It means Single Lens Reflex. They typically are more complex cameras than the regular point and shoot cameras. Instead of looking through the viewfinder, you look through the lens and see the actually shot through the lens.

What exactly is a dslr camera?

It stands for digital single lens reflex. It is NOT a point and shoot camera. It is one that you have a lens (or lens that you can change). Now a days most have a setting where you can set the aperture and things like that manually, but the also have a automatic setting.

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Digital lens with a Canon AE?

It would depend on the type of lens mount. Generally speaking, it would probably not work too well. The AE uses full-aperture TTL metering, and its mechanism for manipulating the diaphragm of the lens is not likely to work with the "digital" lens, although that is not a sure thing. Try to gently mate the lens and body. If the lens will mount, shoot a roll of film and see how it goes.

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What actors and actresses appeared in War Photographer - 2001?

The cast of War Photographer - 2001 includes: Christiane Amanpour as Chief International Correspondent CNN Christiane Breustedt as Editor in Chief GEO SAISON Magazine James Nachtwey as Photographer

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