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I dont think it can learn it.


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Garchomp actually doesn't learn earthquake by increasing lvl....but it learns through tm26(which is earthquake).

garchomp can naturaly learn giga impact, earthquake

in my opinion it is garchomp it can learn flamethrower and earthquake/dig and dragon type and it can learn fly. hope this helped

I dont know wheather garchomp learns earthquake but yoy can definatly teach it.

In Pokemon diamond and pearl golem learns earthquake at level 33

make your floatzel learn icebeam by TM but level it up first because her garchomp has giga impact.

just get a rock or ground Pokemon and then level it up and it will learn earthquake

Garchomp cannot learn Giga Impact from leveling up in Pokemon Platinum. Garchomp can learn Giga Impact from the TM that teaches it which is TM68.

it can learn a lot of moves but when evelvinges in a Garchomp it will learn crunch then at lvl 55 it will learn dragon rush and idk when it will learn earthquake hope i help if u know something about some Pokemon like heracross (where can u catch it easily) talk to me at ;)

Garchomp can learn Draco Meteor because it is a satisfactory/powerful dragon type Pokemon.

I think only garchomp can learn it but its a dumb move Electivire can also learn it

No, Garchomp can't learn Fly.

Yes, there are decent Pokemon that can't learn earthquake. Each Pokemon has its own strengths and weaknesses.

Garchomp can only learn Outrage if you breed it.

Kadabra will learn it not sure when.

It doesn't learn Earthquake through level up, but it can learn it through the use of the Earthquake TM.

none you make it to a seryin level and it should learn it if it does not then it does not learn it other wise get a TM fire fang and make garchomp learn it

These can learn Draco Meteor: Dragonite Salamence Hydriegon Haxorus Garchomp

chimcha can learn the move flamethrower

No, not all Pokemon in Diamond can learn Hyper Beam.

How does riolu learn aura sphere in pokemon diamond version?

Gallade is. Garchomp and Gallade can learn Dark Type moves, and Gyrados can learn Ice.

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