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it evloves at level 27

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Starting at level 27 into Lanturn

at level 40 it should evolve into drapion

you have to evolve it with a water stone

You will need to level it up to level 40 before it will evolve

Get lickitung to learn rollout. Then evolve it one level and it will evolve

Get your beldum to level 35 and it should evolve.

Kadabra does not evolve by levelling. You have to trade it.

Get a Leaf Stone and you'll evolve it.

Whismur will evolve into Loudred at Level 20, and Loudred will evolve into Exploud at level 40

Chimchar will evolve into Monferno at Level 14, and Monferno will evolve into Infernape at Level 36.

It doesn't evolve at a level. You give it a Shiny Stone to make it evolve.

It doesn't evolve at level you have to max its friendliness and it evolves into Crobat.

Swellow doesn't evolve. It was evolved FROM Tailow at level 22.

Evolve from a Shelgon at level 50

it should evolve at level 36

It evoles into Rapidash at level 40.

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