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College degrees are offered in being a chef.

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Q: What level of education will you need to be a chef?
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Related questions

What level of education does a chef need?

To be a chef, you need Culinary Arts training for sure.

What education do you need to become a chef?

you need a culinary arts education

What type of education do you need to become a pastry chef?

You need culinary arts education.

Do you need education for becoming a chef?

Yes, you do. The education may take the form of on the job training, but if so you should expect to start at the lowest assistant level; you're not going to be hired as head chef at a fancy restaurant straight out of high school. You can become a "cook" without any additional education, but if you aspire to be a "chef", you will need to attend one of the culinary institutes.

What are the minimum educational requirements to be a chef?

what is the minimum education needed to become a chef? The minimum education you need to become a chef is an associates degree in culinary arts.

How much education do you need so you can be a chef?

Level 99 in cooking is highly required. You cannot bot it either, you must do it yourself.

What is the minimum education need to become a chef?

atleast 9months

What A levels do you need to be a chef?

To be able to apply for New Zealand polytechnics such as Weltec and Whitireia, you must meet the minimum of Level Two of the NZQA National Framework (equivalent to NCEA Level Two). It is also recommended you achieve University Entrance credits.

What type of education do you need to be a chef?

bachelors degree associate degree

What education do you need to become a hospital cook?

a medical chef degree

What education needed to become a personal chef?

you need to have a high school degree to become a chef. it would be the best! ;]

What education or training do you need for a career as a pastry chef?

There is no education that is required for being a pastry chef. Many people consider bakery school to help a great deal, however.

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