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What liability exposure do you have allowing ATV's on your property?

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Huge! I do not recommend this - any accidents that happen on your property you can be held resonsible for. Especially, if there are any known conditions on the land and you allow people to ride, it's just a matter of time before you are sued.

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How many people own ATVs in the US?

one half of the population has atvs

Is kmd ATVs Chinese ATVs?

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Why are ATVs not street legal?

Because, I think atvs are not build for roads they are made for deserts.

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Are ATVs safe for small children?

IT depends on how the person driving the car is handling it.If the person is drunk, then no ATVs are not safe for small children, but if it is a good driver, then yes ATVs are safe for small children.

What do you think the minimum age for driving an ATV should be?

I think the minimum driving age should be 14 for ATVs (All-Terrain Vehicle.) I believe that that would be convenient because 14 year-olds already drive ATVs. And it would only be appropriate if the quad (ATV) was on private property that they had PERMISSION!!!

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What are the dirt bike laws in Maryland?

Depending on which county you reside in will determine the Maryland statute that address the operation of ATV's and dirt bikes: The following is for Baltimore County ATVs and dirt bikes cannot be operated on roadways or public property. They cannot be operated on private property without the written consent of the property owner. The written consent must be with the operator at all times. Those who operate ATVs or dirt bikes on private property without permission could face trespassing charges. They cannot be operated within 300 feet of a residence. ATVs and dirt bikes cannot be operated between the hours of 8 p.m. and 7 a.m. All ATVs and dirt bikes operated anywhere in Baltimore County must display a Baltimore County registration permit. A registration card must be carried and shown when requested by a police officer. Required safety equipment: headgear for minors, and protective devices or windscreens to protect the eyes.

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Medina, Minnesota

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