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ligers eat, sleep, and bug each other all day.

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What do ligers do each day?

Just like all cats, ligers sleep 18 to 22 hours a day. When not sleeping, they like to eat and can consume up to 50 pounds of meat per day.

Are ligers active at night or day?


Where can ligers be found?

Ligers can only be found in captivity. There are no wild ligers. Ligers are a completely man made species and all ligers are sterile, meaning that they cannot reproduce.

Do ligers eat every day?

As there are no ligers in the wild, they'll eat whenever their keepers see fit to feed them.

Why were Ligers crossbred?

All of the people who have ligers say it was an accident. There is maybe one record in India of ligers, and this is the only area they could have met. Most of them were complete accidents.

Do ligers eat other ligers?

yes ligers do

Where is Ligania?

It is a magical land where all of the ligers of the world live. People arent allowed there or else all of the ligers will eat them. I swear this is true

What animals are friends of a liger?

Bad Rhonda is friends with all ligers . Bad Rhonda loves all ligers Bad Rhonda is a liger....MEOW!!

How much do ligers eat?

A lotligers normally eat 25 pouns each day, but can eat 100 to 200 pounds in a large sitting.

Why are ligers so big?

Because they are modern day saber tooths

What do ligers eat and hunt?

There are no wild ligers. They are all in zoos and private collections. They don't have to hunt, and get fed meat by their keepers.

Where are Ligers in the Food Chain?

Since there are no ligers in the wild, and they're all fed by humans, they share our place in the food chain.

What is a ligers role in there community?

the ligers role is to be king over all animals and he gets all the hot girls he then throws huge parties and gets drunk

Who are predators to ligers?

Ligers don't have predators, but people can somtimes kill ligers, and leopards sometimes get into fights with ligers, and can sometimes end up killing the ligers for their food that they were fighting for. But sometimes ligers can win and the leopards will die.

Are tigers the biggest cats?

no ligers are the biggest ones of all cats.No, ligers are

How do ligers act?

ligers act

How do ligers get their food?

Ligers are an artificial hybrid created by human intervention. As such there are no ligers in the wild, only in zoos and similar. Ligers get their food from their keepers.

Are ligers vegetarians?

No, ligers are carnivores, meaning they eat meat. Ligers are not naturally occurring in the world and the only ligers in existence were born in captivity.

How many ligers are in captivity?

There are only approximately 100 ligers in captivity all around the world. The reason for this is because they are so rare to come by.

What do ligers eat in the wild?

There are no wild ligers.

Where were ligers discovered?

Ligers were not discovered, they were bred.

How do ligers roar?

yes ligers do roar

What do wild ligers eat?

There are no wild ligers.

How big are a ligers paws?

I am confused does this vid tell you how big ligers paws are love ? I am too scared to tell me your name so that's all

How do ligers get food?

Since there are no ligers in the wild, they are all fed by their keepers. Unless they manage to catch some animal that end up in their enclosure by accident.

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