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What liquid helps plants grow faster?


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The liquid that can help plants grow is liquid fertilizer. It is just like regular fertilizer with plenty of nitrogen, but in liquid form.

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Water and sugar combined with water is the best liquid for plants to grow faster in.

Water is the liquid that makes plants grow faster. Also Plant Food make the Plant Grow Faster.

How do I make my Chronic grow faster?!..

I think manure helps plants grow faster due to nutrients and nitrates.

BeCause the compost is a ferterliser and it helps the plant or plants to grow

Compost tea is a liquid made with the liquid discharge of composed plants. It is great for the garden.

Plants having water have turgid cells. Turgidity helps in cell division as well as cell elongation. Hence these plants grow faster than water scare plants.

Fertilizer helps plants to grow faster as well as stronger.

Boron is important because it helps plants grow faster.

Fresh Water and sweat from ballz

mostly small.But plants grow faster in sunlight.

yess it does. Blue light helps plants grow faster. Im sorry but i dont know why though. Red light makes plants grow slightely faster and green light makes them a tiny bit faster.

outside plants grow faster due to the presence of sufficient light

Plants grow faster in the sun. They cannot live without it.

"It will actually kill them." Maybe not... check this book out: Liquid Gold: The Lore and Logic of Using Urine to Grow Plants

All plants need water and most will grow faster with it. There are some plants that do well with the acidity of vinegar yet too much will kill the plant. Trust in Water.

Sugar,sugar helps increase cellulose and help the plant grow faster. Plain water will maintain the status Que.

It helps plants to grow when planted It helps plants to grow when planted

Yes, it can make plants grow faster because in photosynthesis, the plants turn the sunlight Into sugar which makes the plant grow,

the juice will make the plants grow faster because the juice has more products

milk and diet coke makes plants grow faster

Plants have the April-May rains and the May-June sunshine, so they grow faster.

no. plants can't hear so they wouldn't grow faster with someone talking to them.

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