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What show inspired Pokemon and Digimon?

Nothing inspired it. PokeMon stands for Pocket monster, and DigiMon is based off a Tamagotchi-like virtual pet, where in, the original, you could have either Agumon or Betamon.

What inspired Mary Shelley to write franlenstein?

Mary Shelley was inspired to write Frankenstein by a dream she had of a man bringing a monster to life and running in fear from it. This, combined with a challenge among her and her friends to write a horror story, resulted in Frankenstein.

What inspired Mary Shelley to right Frankenstein?

Mary Shelley was having a nightmare, in which she saw a mad scientist who makes a monster and she transformed the story into a book

Is Zână a girl or monster in mythology?

It's Romanian for "fairy", so it's a magical creature who looks like a beautiful young girl (of normal height, we don't have small insect-sized fairies). On the other hand, a "iala" is at first as attractive as a zana, but after a while she shows her true face, which could be that of an old hag or of a monster.

What is the list of Nejirangers that end with monster form?

The Nejirangers that end with monster form (same with human form) are: Neji Red (monster form) Neji Black (monster form) Neji Blue (monster form) Neji Yellow (monster form) Neji Pink (monster form) Neji Silver (monster form) Neji Green (monster form) Neji Purple (monster form) Neji Orange (monster form) Neji Crimson (monster form) Neji Navy (monster form) Neji White (monster form) Neji Gold (monster form) Neji Teal (monster form) Neji Brown (monster form) Neji Indigo (monster form) Neji Saffron (monster form) Neji Amethyst (monster form) Neji Vermilion (monster form) Neji Chartreuse (monster form) Neji Magenta (monster form) Neji Viridian (monster form) Neji Burgundy (monster form) Neji Powder (monster form) Neji Scarlet (monster form) Neji Cyan (monster form) Neji Azure (monster form) Neji Lavender (monster form) Neji Gray (monster form) Neji Beige (monster form) Neji Cerulean (monster form) Neji Slate (monster form) Neji Cobalt (monster form) Neji Gunmetal (monster form) Neji Copper (monster form) Neji Bronze (monster form) Neji Khaki (monster form) Neji Citrine (monster form) Neji Maroon (monster form) Neji Olive (monster form) Neji Peach (monster form) Neji Cream (monster form) Neji Sangria (monster form) Neji Plum (monster form) Neji Emerald (monster form) Neji Cerise (monster form) Neji Mauve (monster form) Neji Moccasin (monster form) Neji Aquamarine (monster form) Neji Pearl (monster form) Neji Turquoise (monster form) Neji Platinum (monster form) Neji Tan (monster form) Neji Bittersweet (monster form) Neji Periwinkle (monster form) Neji Sapphire (monster form) Neji Fuchsia (monster form) Neji Dark Green (monster form) Neji Mahogany (monster form) Neji Sea Green (monster form) Neji Claret (monster form) Neji Lime (monster form) Neji Amber (monster form) Neji Ecru (monster form) Neji Taupe (monster form) Neji Tawny (monster form) Neji Lilac (monster form) Neji Ochre (monster form) Neji Sepia (monster form) Neji Celadon (monster form) Neji Rust (monster form) Neji Orchid (monster form) Neji Ash (monster form) Neji Steel (monster form) Neji Sky (monster form) Neji Burnt Orange (monster form) Neji Brick (monster form) Neji Caramel (monster form) Neji Marigold (monster form) Neji Burnt Sienna (monster form) Neji Verdigris (monster form) Neji Indochine (monster form) Neji Carmine (monster form) Neji Linen (monster form) Neil Goldenrod (monster form) Neil Butterscotch (monster form) Neji Heliotrope (monster form) Neji Dark Gray (monster form) Neji Harlequin (monster form) Neji Amaranth (monster form) Neji Ultramarine (monster form) Neji Royal Blue (monster form) Neji Garnet (monster form) Neji Ebony (monster form) Neji Ivory (monster form) Neji Thistle (monster form) Neji Jade (monster form) Neji Auburn (monster form) Neji Sienna (monster form) Neji Umber (monster form) Neji Cadet Blue (monster form) Neji Dark Brown (monster form) Neji Orange Peel (monster form) Neji Hunter Green (monster form) Neji Salmon (monster form) Neji Avocado (monster form) Neji Wisteria (monster form) Neji Persimmon (monster form) Neji Apricot (monster form) Neji Brass (monster form) Neji Ruby (monster form) Neji Mint (monster form) Neji Forest (monster form) Neji Coral (monster form) Neji Aubergine (monster form) Neji Hazel (monster form) Neji Topaz (monster form) Neji Bisque (monster form) Neji Spring (monster form) Neji Rainbow (monster form)

When was Monster Monster created?

Monster Monster was created on 2009-11-03.

What is the list of Psycho Rangers that end with monster form?

The list of Psycho Rangers that end with monster form (same with human form) are: Psycho Red (monster form) Psycho Black (monster form) Psycho Blue (monster form) Psycho Yellow (monster form) Psycho Pink (monster form) Psycho Silver (monster form) Psycho Green (monster form) Psycho Purple (monster form) Psycho Orange (monster form) Psycho Crimson (monster form) Psycho Navy (monster form) Psycho White (monster form) Psycho Gold (monster form) Psycho Teal (monster form) Psycho Brown (monster form) Psycho Indigo (monster form) Psycho Saffron (monster form) Psycho Amethyst (monster form) Psycho Vermilion (monster form) Psycho Chartreuse (monster form) Psycho Magenta (monster form) Psycho Viridian (monster form) Psycho Burgundy (monster form) Psycho Powder (monster form) Psycho Scarlet (monster form) Psycho Cyan (monster form) Psycho Azure (monster form) Psycho Lavender (monster form) Psycho Gray (monster form) Psycho Beige (monster form) Psycho Cerulean (monster form) Psycho Slate (monster form) Psycho Cobalt (monster form) Psycho Gunmetal (monster form) Psycho Copper (monster form) Psycho Bronze (monster form) Psycho Khaki (monster form) Psycho Citrine (monster form) Psycho Maroon (monster form) Psycho Olive (monster form) Psycho Peach (monster form) Psycho Cream (monster form) Psycho Sangria (monster form) Psycho Plum (monster form) Psycho Emerald (monster form) Psycho Cerise (monster form) Psycho Mauve (monster form) Psycho Moccasin (monster form) Psycho Aquamarine (monster form) Psycho Pearl (monster form) Psycho Turquoise (monster form) Psycho Platinum (monster form) Psycho Tan (monster form) Psycho Bittersweet (monster form) Psycho Periwinkle (monster form) Psycho Sapphire (monster form) Psycho Fuchsia (monster form) Psycho Dark Green (monster form) Psycho Mahogany (monster form) Psycho Sea Green (monster form) Psycho Claret (monster form) Psycho Lime (monster form) Psycho Amber (monster form) Psycho Ecru (monster form) Psycho Taupe (monster form) Psycho Tawny (monster form) Psycho Lilac (monster form) Psycho Ochre (monster form) Psycho Sepia (monster form) Psycho Celadon (monster form) Psycho Rust (monster form) Psycho Orchid (monster form) Psycho Ash (monster form) Psycho Steel (monster form) Psycho Sky (monster form) Psycho Burnt Orange (monster form) Psycho Brick (monster form) Psycho Caramel (monster form) Psycho Marigold (monster form) Psycho Burnt Sienna (monster form) Psycho Verdigris (monster form) Psycho Indochine (monster form) Psycho Carmine (monster form) Psycho Linen (monster form) Psycho Goldenrod (monster form) Psycho Butterscotch (monster form) Psycho Heliotrope (monster form) Psycho Dark Gray (monster form) Psycho Harlequin (monster form) Psycho Amaranth (monster form) Psycho Ultramarine (monster form) Psycho Royal Blue (monster form) Psycho Garnet (monster form) Psycho Ebony (monster form) Psycho Ivory (monster form) Psycho Thistle (monster form) Psycho Jade (monster form) Psycho Auburn (monster form) Psycho Sienna (monster form) Psycho Umber (monster form) Psycho Cadet Blue (monster form) Psycho Dark Brown (monster form) Psycho Orange Peel (monster form) Psycho Hunter Green (monster form) Psycho Salmon (monster form) Psycho Avocado (monster form) Psycho Wisteria (monster form) Psycho Persimmon (monster form) Psycho Apricot (monster form) Psycho Brass (monster form) Psycho Ruby (monster form) Psycho Mint (monster form) Psycho Forest (monster form) Psycho Coral (monster form) Psycho Aubergine (monster form) Psycho Hazel (monster form) Psycho Topaz (monster form) Psycho Bisque (monster form) Psycho Spring (monster form) Psycho Rainbow (monster form)

Is Frankenstein a monster?

No, the scientist created the monster. Did you ever heard of Frankenstein's monster. This proves that he made the monster.

Is the cookie monster now the vegetable monster?

Cookie monster is still cookie monster but, all they do on the show is use cookie monster that eats vegges

How do you delete a monster on monster lab?

there not a monster game in poptropica they canceld it

Where is mushi monster website?

The site is Moshi Monster...Not Mushi Monster!

How do you make my backyard monster bloody?

if you have a monster biter get loads of pokey and kill them or get a monster juicer and juice monster or just kill any monster that come

What is plural for monster in German?

Monster in German is the same word; 'Monster'. In the plural form the word doesn't change but instead of saying 'ein Monster' (a monster), you would say 'die Monster' which means the monsters.

Does monster has beer in it?

I don't know about red bull or amp but, monster has at least 20% beer,but the only monster that doesn't have beer is monster khaos and monster assault.

How do you say monster in welsh?

As a noun, anghenfil (monster) or clamp (mass, lump; monster); as an adjective anferth (huge, monster).

How do you make the sixth monster in mix a monster?

Frog, sock, spring, cheese Purple Blob Monster 6th monster

How do you make your monster good on Fight My Monster?

On Fight My Monster, you can make your monster good by putting Giant Slayer on it (potion).

Why monster is not monster?

A monster is a fictional animal! Don't be scared of something fictional!

Did they ever change Cookie Monster into Vegetable Monster?

no,but they did create the Veggie Monster.

When was cookie monster changed to vegetable monster?

He is still the cookie monster in our hearts.

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