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World War Two had a profound effect on the women of the United States -- particularly in the area of employment. Prior to the war most women were homemakers, stay-at-home mothers. few had a job or worked. Jobs for women were limited -- nurses, salesgirls, domestics (cooks, maids, cleaning women, etc.). During the war -- with all the men of draft age in the service and a giant demand for workers in war plants, factories, etc -- the women had to give up their old ways, roll up their sleeves and go out and work for the war effort. Needless to say they performed an enormous service for the country. I don't know what the country would have done without them. This broke the male-female work barrior and from then on there have been more and more women in the workforce. I don't know what the percentage of women in the workforce is today -- but it's very high. The extra income with both husband and wife working certainly provides them with a better lifestyle, better housing, and a lot of things their grandmothers didn't have. vcs

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Who holds the womens world record for long jump?

Galina Chistyakova with a jump of 7.52 meters.

What were the long term effects of the Vietnam war on the region?

Peoples lives were shatted, birth defects, etc. Look up Long Term Effects of the Vietnam War on Google.

Womens long jump world record?

The current world record in women's long jump is held by Christel Schultz of Germany. Her record jump is 6.12 meters.

Womens world record long jump?

The Women's Long Jump World Record is currently held by Galina Chistyakova (USSR/Russia) who leaped 7.53m (24.7ft) on June 11,1988!

What long term effects did Islamic Fundamentalism have?

There different long term effects that Islamic Fundamentalism had in most parts of the world. This included governments, education and world view among others.

Long term effects world war 1?

Just look at the financial markets now - Lehman collapse etc. These effects are long term effects of WW I (note capitals).

Who is the womens world record holder of long jump in India?

Mercy Kuttan was the first Indian Woman to cross 6 meters in Long Jump in India

What are the long term effects of world war 2?

the long TERM effect was the CoLd WaR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

How long should womens pubic hair be?

because womens they tyre their hair with the poo and instead of water is pee

What were the long term and short term effects of world war 2?

The long term effects were foreign policy and military build-up. The short term effects were racism towards Japanese and war jobs.

What effects do children have when there parents abandon then?

When children are abandoned by their parents there can be long term effects. The most common effect in abandoned children is difficulty in forming attachments in relationships throughout their lives.

How does the haze affect your lives?

Haze can have various effects on people's lives and health. Short exposure to haze can cause irritation to sensitive parts of the body including the eyes and throat. Long term effects from haze can cause increase in heart attack and long term damage to the lungs and the person's ability to breath properly.

What are some long-term effects of World War 1?

germany was hated by all of the countries in the world

What are the effects of the dropping of the atomic bomb?

The long term worldwide effects was politically it sent the world into insecurity and gave the US a bad image.

How long is the womens marathon?

It is 26 miles and 385 yards.

What is the world record for the womens 50m breaststroke?

long course (swam in a 50meter pool) 29.80 short course (swam in 25meter pool)28.80

Why did the US use atomic bombs against Japan and what were the effects of the bombings?

the us used atomic bombs against japan to end world war 2. the effects were the annihilation of hiroshima and Nagasaki. -edit- Most people agree that the bombs (two) were used to quickly end the war with Japan and save American lives. The effects were they ended the war and saved American lives. Exactly what their purpose was. But, they had side-effects, or effects that were known, and predicted, but not necessarily wanted. In some cases, the side effects of the radiation were so bad that it, in itself, added to the purpose of the bombings coming about. Ending the war and saving many many lives that would have been lost in a long drawn out conventional war of guns and planes and ships etc.

The oldest animal in the world?

tortoise lives long and the oldest tortoise is 176 yo

What are the effects of volcanoes?

Volcanoes can have long-term effects on climate; they can make the world cooler. Volcanoes can also cause famine and other widespread destruction.

What are the long-term effects of World War 1 tanks?

Some of the long - term effects of the World War 1 tanks were that the future models had to be upgraded to reduce the weaknesses of the earlier tanks. These days, tanks can move faster and have thicker armor.

Who holds the womens long jump world record?

Galina Chistyakova of the former USSR who jumped 7.52 meters (24 feet, 8 inches) in 1988.

What are the long-term effects of influenza?

What are the long term effects on Influenza?

What are the long term effects of SSRIs?

the long-term effects of SSRIs are unknown

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