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That's most likely a pair of bent needle nose vise grip pliers. I have a set just like that and also others with wide flat jaws and large round jaws. There are many different kinds if vice grip pliers.

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Q: What looks like a pair of bent needle nose vise-grip pliers?
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What is the name three types of pliers and state a use for each one?

Bent-nose Pliers are primarily used in making jewelry. So are needle-nosed pliers, and long-nosed pliers. Of course, all three are versatile enough that they can be used for many other things as well.

What are bent external circlip pliers?

They are pliers with bent points to undo external circlips. These are found on items like ball joints used in cars and aircraft.

Can titanium be bent by pliers?

It depends on how big a piece of titanium, and how strong you are. A thin titanium wire could be bent easily, but you'd never bend a thick sheet with pliers.

What are pliers?

Pliers that are bent along their length to get in awkward spots. I have 3 that bend 30, 45, and 90 degrees.

What are cranked pliers?

Pliers that are bent along their length to get in awkward spots. I have 3 that bend 30, 45, and 90 degrees.

What is a sewing needle with bent end for?

A needle that is bent only at the end is for sacking work. Needles that are curved along their entire length are used for upholstery tasks.

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when something looks bent when you put a straw in a cup of water and it looks bent that is difraction

How do you remove a broken key from car door lock?

I had the key break off in a saturn car door. I used a paperclip that i bent the end just a tiny bit. i Pushed it in on top of the broken key and used the bent hook end to jiggle the broken key out. when it was far enough out I just grabbed the key with a pair of needle nose pliers.

What is the conclusion of broken pencil?

-the pencil looks broken & bent in water. - the pencil looks bent, because of the refraction of light, that causes that to happen. -pencil looks really thick, in water.

What tools are needed for jewelry making?

The following jewelry tools are recommended: flush cutter, round nose pliers, chain nose or bent chain nose, ruler, nylon jaw pliers, step jaw pliers, chasing hammer, anvil, and cup bur.

What instrument looks like a guitar with a bent neck?

An Oud

How do you put up Christmas lights on your screened in balcony?

Needle and thread...possibly find a bent needle like a fishhook; or bend one yourself using tools.

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