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What lottery number occurs most often?

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February 14, 2010 1:50AM

Please try and understand the enormity of what you are asking, as this question has come up before.

Lottery "numbers" are a series. Various balls or slips or number segments are generated, typically with two digits a piece, and a certain number of pieces selected.

Thus there might be six balls each with a two digit number on them.

I cannot conceive, given the thousands of lottery game types - let alone how many times each has been played - that there is any meaningful way of comparing the data of one game to the next, so that if 12 54 23 84 33 03 came up on a lottery ball drawing in Indiana on March 22, 1994 and the same series came up on a card in New Jersey in August 9, 2007 that we would know.

Nor would it actually mean anything. In the event that we found (by someone crunching vast amounts of data from dozens of states) some one series that showed up a bit more often, it would be meaningless.

If you flip a coin ten times, it is probable that there may be more times where it is one tihng than another. 6 heads and 4 tails. This does not then make "heads" likely to occur "more often". Just means it did that time.

If any number series has repeated - and I'm sure some have - it would not mean a thing. 17 different series might have had instances where they repeated twice. 5 may have had it happen 3 times. Maybe there is one out there that repeated 12 times! But I can assure you that the little balls in the hopper are not aware of it, nor the number generator, nor any other device.

Like the coin, it cannot "know" what has been picked or won before. The odds are therefore always the same. Flip a coin ten times, and in the unlikely event that it came up heads ten will still be a fifty/fifty chance on the next flip.

Here is the short way to know the number that will always occur "most often": By the odds clearly stated - usually on the ticket itself - the most often chose number...will not be your's.