What lyrics are good for raps?

Battling me again, I think you're delirious

You suck so bad, I can't even take you serious

You rap worse than Miley Cyrus.

Now you're gonna lose to a kid that's Irish.

We're the whitest country the world's ever had

Losin to one of us, that's just sad.

You only talk **** when you're safe at your computer.

I think now it's time for T-dogg to get neutered

I use the same rhymes every time, according to you.

You might wanna check your facts, all my lyrics are brand new.

You don't know what you're talkin bout, you don't have a clue.

It's all out my head, its comin out of the blue.

White face and red cheeks, looks like you got a fever.

And your teeth look like one of your parents was a beaver.

I'll go forever, and keep rhymes comin all day,

Am I gonna stop soon? Son you better pray.

Cause I'll ruin your reputation and I'll mess with you're head.

I'll embarrass you so bad that you'll wish you were dead.

You like to act like you're 50 Cent

But in the gym locker room you're always pitchin tents.

You say I'm gay, but I want you to pause it.

I'm still waiting on you to come out of the closet.

Losing to Reed, then me, and now me again.

You getting your *** kicked is becoming a trend.

I got enough rhymes to go on for years,

But if I don't stop now, you're gonna be in tears.

I beat you again, but I don't think you learned,

When you **** with me, then you're gonna get burned

additianoal details. you cant see from the pic, but he has huge buck teeth. the fourth line; im irish. the line about reed; reed is another kid that he battled and lost to.

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