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The addition of the Bill of Rights in 1790. They were the last colony to ratify.

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Q: What made Rhode Island ratify the US Constitution?
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What state made the Constitution the law of the land?

New Hampshire satisfied the Article VII requirements when it became the ninth state to ratify the Constitution in June 1788. Rhode Island was the last to ratify, in May 1790.

What compromise finally made the constitution the law of land?

New Hampshire satisfied the Article VII requirements when it became the ninth state to ratify the Constitution in June 1788. Rhode Island was the last to ratify, in May 1790.

Who was the last signer of the Constitution?

If you have the US Constitution in mind, then the last to ratify it was New Hampshire (21st June 1788), its ratificaation made the Constitution legally effective. The ratification of nine states was required for it and New Hampshire was the ninth state. However, from the last four states that eventually signed it was Rhode Island (1790).

Why was Rhode Island named?

Rhode Island was named Rhode Island because it is a island made up mostly of roads

What made Rhode Island colony rich?

what made rhode island rich is they got fur.

What was the compromise made between federalists and anti federalists to ratify the constitution in 1788?


Why was Rhode Island made?

Rhode Island was made for british colonies to start a new life in north America

What made many people in Rhode Island rich?

The Rhode Island slave trade made many families rich.

Has the state constitution of Rhode Island been amended to prohibit same-sex marriage in that state?

No. No such amendment has been made. Same-sex marriage is legal in Rhode Island effective August 1, 2013.

What was the geography of Rhode Island in the 1600s?

Mountains and Flat Plains made up Rhode Island.

What made Rhode Island rich?

Rhode Island became rich because of the slave trade.

What was the economy like in Rhode Island in 1636?

It was very hard. Rhode Island mostly made their economy on fishing, farming, etc.

What is made in Rhode Island?

Manufacturing is one of the most important jobs in RI (Rhode Island). Jewelry and iron making are items made there.

What is the state that is made up of only island?

The island state is Rhode Island.

Why were the colonies Connecticut and Rhode Island Founded?

it was made for manufacturing and for profit and Rhode island was founded for religious freedom

When did the colonist gain independence?

A very Touchy question because many believe what they were told in school about Boston and other popular places : Despite the "Historical Version " it started in Rhode Island. The FIRST colony to declare Independence from Britain was Rhode Island and Providence Plantations ( actually the State with the Longest Official name as well ) And it was the Last to Ratify the Declaration of Independence by the Remaining 13 Colonies. Rhode Island renounced its allegiance to the British Crown, on May 4, 1776. It was the last colony of the thirteen colonies to ratify the United States Constitution on May 29, 1790 once assurances were made that a Bill of Rights would become part of the Constitution. Therefore Until ALL 13 colonies had actually ratified the Declaration of Independence: which did not occur until Rhode Island was assured and Agreed in the act : the colonies did not Officially " Gain Independence" until May ,29,1790.

What compromises were made in order to ratify the constitution?

not ansewring ur Homework kid

What is the last of the 13 colonies?

Delaware is the last of the thirteen colonies sorry i made a mistake its rhode island sorry i made a mistake its rhode island

How did Rhode Island make money?

Colonial Rhode Island did not have a lot of imports, exports, and trade. Early settlers in Rhode Island made some money by selling nursery products and flowers.

What promise was made to get Virginia and Massachusetts and New York to ratify to the Constitution?

mayflower compact

What happened in Rhode Island through Revolutionary War?

An attempt was made to evict the British during the Battle of Rhode Island. It failed.

How much of Rhode Island is on the ocean?

It touches it! LOL. Did you know that Rhode Island has the first public roller-skating ever made.

What was Rhode Island like in 1750?

rhode island was finally a colony when Roger Williams made rhode island a colony. he then preached to the people about how you can worship any god you want in any different way.

What is the main reason that the Constitution can be amended?

Because antifederalists refused to ratify the constitution unless they made amendments. This is where the Bill of Rights came from

What does ratifying the US Constitution mean?

Ratifying is when you accept a law or document. Nine of the original states had to ratify the Constitution for it to be made law.