What made judaism different from other religions in the world in what way did this change future religions?

Other religions were Pagan faiths - members worshipped a whole array of deities.

Judaism taught the idea of 'ethical monotheism' - the idea that there is ONE G-d and only one G-d.

Judaism introduced a basic moral framework; Torah for Jews, and the seven Noahide Laws for Gentiles.

Judaism also stated, right from the start, that all humans are equally G-d's children, whether Jewish or Gentile.

Judaism had a massive impact on both Christianity and Islam. Christianity borrowed some aspects of Judaism, but then claimed that Jesus created them, which simply isn't true. The concept of 'maschiach' (messiah) originated IN Judaism. Christianity took this concept, REvised it and then applied it to Jesus.

Islam was also affected by Judaism. The founder of the faith, Mohammed, mixed with many Jews and absorbed tenets of their religion. But when he tried to get the Jews to join his new faith, they refused - so Mohammed had them slaughtered.

He took several aspects of Judaism and incorporated them into Islam. Despite this, all three Abrahamic faiths are profoundly different.