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Many wanted to join the war much earlier, but after the sneak attack on Pearl Harbor, almost everyone wanted to.

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Q: What made the Americans want to fight in World War 2?
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How did the effects at the Alamo affect Americans?

It gave Americans the confidence that they are powerful and can fight for what they want. the effects at the Alamo was that American over ran it and showed that they will fight for what they want and they will not stop until they do.

Quotes that hilter made or admire?

Here's one for you. "Those who want to live, let them fight, and those who do not want to fight in this world of eternal struggle do not deserve to live."

Why did Americans not want to fight when the war first began?

Which war are you referring to?

What made US want to fight in World War 2?

Japans suprise attack on Pearl Harbor, Hawaii

Why did the Mexicans want to fight with the Americans?

Perhaps retain their hold on California and to regain Texas.

What do you do when somebody you know is in a fight do you break it up or chant fight fight?

Why in the world would anyone want to see a friend in a fight. Be a peacemaker; we have too few peacemakers in the world.

Why did some african americans not want to fight in the spanish american war?

cause thir dumb

Why did the Americans fight the British?

because they want to be independent if you do not know what that means. it means that they want freedom and to be free from all the laws and battles.

Why did African Americans want to enlist during the civil war?

The civil war was about slavery so aferican Americans would enlist to fight for their freedom

What did most Americans want the US to do after World War I?

Americans wanted to withdraw into an isolationist position.

Why did the Americans want African American to fight with them?

Because they wanted to live on their territories and enslave black people

Did nationalists want to fight for Britains in World War 1?


How did Americans respond to World War 2?

They didn't want to enter the war and they made propaganga to get their opinion out and say they don't won't it.They didn't want to enter the war and they made propaganga to get their opinion out and say they don't won't it.

Why did the Pontiac want the native Americans to join forces?

Pontiac wanted to join forces with the Native Americans because Pontiac saw the British as a threat and wanted to fight the British with the Native Americans.

Why did President Washington ask congress to allow African Americans to fight in the Revolutionary War?

He didn't want them to fight at first. But then he realized he needed the most people he could get to fight the British so he let them fight. Plus the British promised the African Americans their freedom if they fought with them. So there's another reason he wanted them.

Why did Germany want to fight in World War 2?


Why did people want to fight in the World War 2?

because they wanted to

What was the American response to World War 2?

Initially a huge majority of Americans did not want to get involved with the European war. When the US was attacked and Hitler declared war on the US they changed their minds and were ready to fight.

Why do the french want to fight to keep their land?

not sure but y don't we Americans try and take over their land? XD

How did African Americans get involved in civil rights?

because Lincoln stated that if you are a slave and want to be free fight for the union army

Why do you measure in feet?

Because Americans does not want to change. They want the world to adjust after them not the other way around.

What Happened to people who did not want to fight in the World War 1?

i think they will kill them

Why did Australian men not want to fight in world war 1?

because they were feared

Why did the following groups of americans tend to oppose US participation in the war Naturalized citizens?

Natural Citizens: They didn't want to be forced to fight Socialists: Socialists did not want to be involved in world relations Pacifists: They wanted America to show the meaning of peace \Parents: They did not want their children going to war

Did African American fight in Civil War?

Abraham Lincoln didn't really want the African Americans to fight in the Civil War, because he feared that the border states would then secede and join the Confederacy. But yes, African Americans did eventually fight in the Civil War. A small number of slaves fought for the Confederacy.